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Collaboration on ITS Communication Standards

​​​​The intent of the Collaboration is to provide a globally recognized forum for the creation of an internationally ac​cepted, globally harmonized set of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) communication standards of the highest quality in the most expeditious manner possible to enable the rapid deployment of fully interoperable ITS commun​ication-related products and services in the global marketplace. For more details see the CITS Terms of Reference.

Work Items

Initial Work Items include:  

  1. Perform a study of identified ITS application requirements so that needed communication capabilities and performance can be properly defined. 
  2. Perform a gap analysis and quality assessment of current ITS communications standards and create an action plan to address identified needs. 
  3. Converge, harmonize, and incorporate appropriate published and emerging ITS communication standards (regardless of their SDO source) into proper ITU Recommendations. 
  4. Create a complete, coherent and effective package of security frameworks and standards for use within ITS communications.
  5. Develop standards to govern the interaction of drivers with communication devices brought into vehicles (such as smart phones).
  6. Investigate regulatory and legislative actions necessary to facilitate the deployment of ITS communication products and services based on the ITS communication standards being developed.
  7. Review mobility network services and ITS communications for their application as a 'last resort' supplement to other communication systems for emergency and disaster handling.

Suggested List of Initial Work Items


T. Russell Shields (Ygomi LLC)


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