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ITU: Committed to connecting the world

Are networks ready for today's demand?

​ITU Deputy Secretary-General Malcolm Johnson explains where, when and how regulators will rethink ICT policy to meet growing connectivity demand in 2022.

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Testing labs collaborate to maximize 5G impact

​ITU's newest focus group aims to foster and optimize testbeds - the physical and virtual laboratories and testing spaces for new and emerging technologies.

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Facts and Figures 2021: 2.9 billion people still offline

​New data from ITU suggest a 'COVID connectivity boost' – but the world's poorest are still being left far behind, with 2.9 billion people still offline.

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From cryptocurrencies to CBDCs

​The DC3 Conference will be held virtually from 25-27 January, convening industry leaders, policy-makers, standards bodies, central banks, digital currency platforms, and cryptocurrency experts to exchange experiences and share project implementations.

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WTISD 2022

​​​ COVID-19

​​ ​The theme for next year's World Telecommunication and In​formation Society Day (WTISD) is "Digital technologies for Older Persons and Healthy Ageing". Read more

COVID-19 response


​​ Learn more​ about ​COVID-19 response and recovery efforts, activities and partnerships at ITU.

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