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Focus Group on Vehicular Multimedia (FG-VM)

The FG-VM concluded its activities on 1 September 2022. Its Progress Report to ITU-T SG16 is found here​. During its mandate FG-VM has developed three deliverables, which were transferred to ITU-T SG16 for further deliberation, see below.

With the convergence of diverse telecom and satellite networks, the modern automotive vehicle is fast evol​ving from a mere transport tool to an infotainment space and smart living platform. As ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and automatic driving technology is developing, the vehicle will become the third living and infotainment space besides home and office.

A Focus Group on Vehicular Multimedia (FG-VM) has been established to identify the need for new vehicular multimedia standards based on space and terrestrial networks integration. The study will analyze and identify gaps in the vehicular multimedia standardization landscape and eventually draft technical reports and specifications covering, among others, vehicular multimedia use cases, requirements, applications, interfaces, protocols, architectures, and security, leveraging from previous work done by ITU in this field. See more details in the FG-VM terms of reference below. 

Parent group: ITU-T Study Group 16​​.​​​​Deliverables: ​​Related links:​




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WG1: ​Vehicular Multimedia use cases and Requirements

WG2: ​Vehicular Multimedia Architecture

WG3: ​Implementation aspects of Vehicular Multimedia