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Category 4 — AL C4. Capacity building (143 Projects)

#SkillsForChange Project

The Center for DevelopmentSupport Initiatives CEDSI through its enterprise hubs has for years worked with in School based groups and out of school based groups domiciled in rural communities to provide access to training and capacity building in STEM.The… more »

360 Effect Women & Tech

In order to inspire and motivate women their foray into technology to promote leadership and personal growth with an impact on society, the Emprender Futuro Foundation, in coordination with various institutions, developed the Forum "THE 360 EFFECT - Wome… more »

3DTuneIn: 3D-games for TUNing and lEarnINg about hearing aids

3D Tune-In (3D-games for TUNing and lEarnINg about hearing aids) brings together relevant stakeholders from traditional gaming industries (SMEs - Reactify, Vianet, XTeam, Nerlaska), academic institutes (Imperial College London, De Montfort University, th… more »

Abriendo Futuro

The Sergio Paiz Foundation, also known for its acronym Funsepa, is a non-for-profit organization created aiming to provide technology that improves the educational system and contributes to the alleviation of poverty in Guatemala. We aim to be the leadin… more »


AfChix is a network of women in Technology who consider gender diversity in the Computer Science & ICT industry very critical for increased creativity and innovative performance of the industry. We have had activities impacting over 25 African countries.… more »

African Centre for Women in ICT

The African Centre for women in ICT is involved in offering ICT skills and lifeskills to youth from deprived backgrounds so that they too can compete in the global scale which has fast become a global village. With these skills, the students can programe… more »

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences - Next Einstein Initiative

Although nearly one million students graduate from African universities each year, employment opportunities for new graduates are scarce, and the mismatch between the education offered and the competencies required in the labour market contributes to hig… more »


Our Mission To provide training, mentorship and outreach programs to increase the number of skilled women in technology and positively impact the community. Our Vision Nurturing generations of women who use tech to develop innovations and solutions for A… more »

AMBA - Training & Business Hub

AMBA is a Training & Business Hub for adults with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities using Information Technology, Peer Training & Peer Supervision. Intellectual Disability is a disability of the mind, with delayed developments that are diver… more »


The strategic priority in the development of the Prosecutor General's office is the use of modern information technologies, in particular the use method of data analysis. In this regard, the project “Analytical center” was launched in 2017. Prior to the … more »


Developing contents for kids in cyberspace and creating safe environment for growth of them are a necessity for comprehensive development and realization of educational justice in society. Therefore, Amin Company has started working as an aggregator of s… more »

Apps and Girls

Apps & Girls seeks to bridge the tech gender gap by providing quality coding training (web programming, mobile app development game development and robotics) and entrepreneurship skills to girls in secondary schools via coding clubs, and to university le… more »

Arab Women in Computing

The Arab Women In Computing Association mission is to support, inspire, retain, encourage collaboration among, increase visibility of and help elevate the status of Arab women in computing from the various computing/technology sectors (academia, industry… more »

Arab Women in Computing Lebanon Chapter

The Arab Women In Computing Association (ArabWIC) mission is to support, inspire, retain, encourage collaboration among, increase visibility of and help elevate the status of Arab women in computing from the various computing/technology sectors(academia,… more »


Art+Feminism is a campaign improving coverage of cis and transgender women, feminism and the arts on Wikipedia. From coffee shops and community centers to the largest museums and universities in the world, Art+Feminism is a do-it-yourself and do-it-with-… more »

Asikana Network

Asikana Network is an organisation based in Lusaka, Zambia which focuses on empowering girls and women in STEM with a specific biase towards Technology. The organisation does this by teaching women tech skills needed in order to help them stand financial… more »

Audio Bracelet for Blind Interaction: a new technology based on sensory-motor rehabilitation for visually impaired children

The development of technologies to support the inclusion of adults and children with visual disabilities is a big societal challenges for ICT Research. Vision is essential to build up important cognitive representations and early onset of blindness affec… more »


For visually impaired people it is difficult to digitally get graphical contents increasingly conveyed through sight. The sense of touch can potentially bridge the gap, as it is crucial -in absence of vision -for understanding abstract concepts and acqui… more »

Bolivia Tech Hub intervention program

Founded in 2014, Bolivia Tech Hub is an early stage incubator that serves as one of La Paz’s only support systems for the city’s tech community, helping entrepreneurs to learn, develop and collaborate on new projects BTH promoted the creation of the loca… more »

Boosting the pipeline of Women in Technology through role modelling and information dissemination

AFCHIX is a network of women in IT who work on a volunteer basis. One of our main programs provides mentorship to girls and encourages them to consider careers in Computer Science and IT. We achieve this through visits to schools, celebrating annual Girl… more »

Bridging the gender digital divide

A project that sought to empower female students at the University of Zimbabwe by bridging the gender digital divide. The target audience was 2 916 female students resident in three University female hostels. The objectives were to a) to create an enabli… more »

Burundi Innovation Hub (BiHUB)

Burundi Innovation Hub (BiHUB) is a first techpreneur hub initiative in Burundi whose aim is to bring together young talent in an environment conducive to innovation through capacity building, collaboration, the use of new technologies, the culture of en… more »

Cafe Entrepreneurship

Cafe Entrepreneurship is committed to promote social entrepreneurship in Pakistan. It's main objective is to recruit fresh IT and social sciences graduates specially girls and engage them in a three month incubation program during which they'll get train… more »

Capacity Building through ene-to-end ICT enabled “Utkarsh Bangla” programme

Project Objective: Utkarsh Bangla(“Utkarsh Bangla” means “Excellence through Skilling in Bengal”) is the flagship program of integrated skill development steered by the Government of West Bengal. With an annual target of 600,000 persons, the programme ai… more »

Catalysts for Change

The project intends to empower 2000 vulnerable young boys and girls from 10 urban slums in Islamabad/Rawalpindi through imparting life-skills training and building their capacity to sensitize wider communities through interactive theaters. The project … more »

CE-Digital: Capacity Building Programme on ICT for Latin America

CE-Digital is a partnership between CAF - Development bank of Latin America, the GSMA and eLAC 2020. It is an extensive telecommunications capacity-building programme for national regulatory authorities and policymakers from Latin America and the Caribbe… more »

Cherehani Africa

We leverage mobile to provide credit and financial education to women and adolescent girls who own micro-enterprises in Africa. We aim to help women-owned businesses in Kenya grow by offering personalized advice and access to a suite of financial and inf… more »

Children's Coding Club

As part of its mission, mHub runs a programme to introduce computer skills to children between ages of 6 to 17. The course is carried out at mHub premises in Lilongwe every Tuesday and Thursday. The children are taught coding skills using programming too… more »

COBOY (Eco Board Play) : The Effectivity of COBOY Game Based on Environmental Education for Children in Bojong Village, Bogor

The problem of waste and bad environmental sanitation in Bojong Village was a complex problem and touches all aspects of life. The emergence of this problem was caused by the lack of waste disposal facilities and understanding of community in managing th… more »

Code Art

CodeArt works to increase the number of girls studying computer science by delighting and inspiring them with the creative possibilities of computer programming. CodeArt uses art as an onramp to coding for girls in grades 4-12. Through CodeHer clubs an… more »


We want to see young women empowered to leverage technology for social innovation, so that there is greater diversity in the African tech industry. We want high school girls to have an enabling environment to imagine and create new technology that is rel… more »


Code4Impact (C4i) is a hands-on learning program building digital literacy skills, especially coding and analytical skills in young girls and young women. The C4i program encourages, trains and mentors young girls in secondary schools (aged 10-17) and yo… more »

CodeTribe Academy

CODETRIBE™ ACADEMY is a full-time work based skills development programme for aspiring mobile application developers. It is a practical, blended learning programme, focusing on Mobile Solutions Development, SCRUM Agile and Cloud technologies which aims t… more »

Computer Training of Kibera Soweto East slum

The target audience for computer training was women and men of Kibera Soweto East slum. The computer training was meant to address limited knowledge on information and communication technology skills. The main objective of this training was: To enable pa… more »


What kind of education do we want to realize that simultaneously develops critical thinking, collaboration, creative development, innovation, flexibility and communication? How can we enable efficient learning within and outside the school context in thi… more »

Creating Awareness in Research and Education

'Creating Awareness in Research and Education' (CARE) is a non-profit aiming to spread awareness of the importance of STEM and education, and seeking to distribute appropriate educational and STEM resources in both the local and international communities… more »

Cunhatã Digital

This is a Program involving actions and projects aimed at encouraging the participation of women in Science and Technology in the Amazon region. This program includes activities such as lectures at scientific meetings, training students to participate in… more »


Czechitas is the leading platform in the Czech Republic making technology accessible, relevant, and attainable for women and girls in their professional and personal goals, regardless of age groups, education level, or work experience. We provide lecture… more »

Dharavi Diary

Our mission is to empower the youth, especially girls and women living on the fringes of urban & rural lower income communities through STEAM learning, storytelling and skill building to become problem solvers, innovators and leaders. Slum & Rural Innova… more »

Digital Chess

San Luis is a more digital province of Argentina where technological innovation is combined with educational innovation. In this context, Digital Chess is an alternative that promotes implementation of the traditional teaching of chess in classrooms for … more »

Digital Letracy Project

The aim of the Digital Literacy Project is to train all categories of the listener, focusing on women to gain knowledge of technology, digital literacy and safe use of the Internet. One of the activities of the project is training in the safe entry and … more »

Digital Literacy Workshops for Children, Teenagers, People with disabilities and Seniors

The Federal Telecommunications Institute as a regulator of telecommunications in Mexico, has the authority to design programs aimed at protecting and informing users of telecommunications services on their rights and how to guarantee these mechanisms and… more »

Digital Youth Engagement Programme

The National Computer Board (NCB), operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation, is implementing the ‘Digital Youth Engagement Programme (DYEP)’ which comprises the provision of introductory courses on Coding to y… more »


VHTO, the Dutch national expert organization on girls/women and science/technology, aims to increase the participation of women and girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Since the early 1980s, VHTO has been building up knowle… more »

DIV:A Initiative

Div:a is a non-profit initiative dedicated to empowering young girls with coding and development skills. It’s the brainchild of Fadzayi Chiwandire, Development Lead at OnePointFour Consulting. She’s taken it upon herself to pass on her significant knowle… more »


Founded in 2010, Educadigital is an organization whose mission is to contribute to the creation and development of new learning opportunities that encourage the formation of critical and creative citizens capable of sharing information, knowledge, and cu… more »

Epic Queen

Our programs create clear path always for Epic Queen alumni from middle to high school to develop careers in STEM. Our main objective is close the gender gap in STEM through activities like robotics, science and coding for girls from 6 to 12 and teens f… more »


EpicQueen is a Mexican non-profit organization that works for girls and woman in order expand and built their skills and leadership in the world of technology. This civil society initiative tries to overcome the gender digital gap in STEM (Science, Techn… more »

Females Excelling More in Math, Engineering, and Science

Females Excelling More in Math, Engineering, and Science -- FEMMES -- is a student run organization at the University of Chicago. Our mission is to help close the gender gap in Tech by presenting CS and Tech to middle school girls in our local neighbourh… more »

Flor de Ceibo Conecta2

Research at a global level is demonstrating that to narrow the digital divide not only is access to digital technologies essential, but also that people as individuals or collectives appropriately take them. This project aims to work in a creative and in… more »


Geekulcha creates and enables platforms for Innovation and Creativity while exposing young talent and skills to the corporate world. Born out of a Facebook Group (INNOvatorz.IT), Geekulcha seeks to build a strong Geek Culture in South Africa to realize a… more »

Gerakan Nasional Literasi Digital Siberkreasi

Siberkreasi aims to enhance and strengthen positive impact of technology. We are supported by a group of people with a common heart and vision to promote digital literacy for a better Internet for all. We pursue our objectives with these 4Cs: curriculum… more »

Ghana Code Club

The Girls in ICT project was initiated on the ticket of the Ministry of Communication. Ghana Code Club facilitated the project by first of all teaching teachers the basic rudiments of Programming Logic and also programming using SCRATCH and HTML in the m… more »

Girl Boss

GirlBoss New Zealand was founded with a single mission: to close the gender gap in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. We empower confident, resilient, future-ready, young women to lead and change the world. GirlBoss… more »

Girls & Technology

Plan International China is an NGO working for children’s rights and girls’ equality. It is a member of the global Plan International family. In China, Plan’s work focuses on health, child protection, DRM, and youth economic empowerment (YEE). As part of… more »

Girls Code Club

Girls Code Club is an afterschool program that is introducing secondary school girls to programming with the aim of raising their interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and empowering them to access career opportunities in Computer … more »

Girls for Code

The Girls for Code is one of the mHub's initiative aiming at equipping girls with diverse ICT skills which includes programming (block programming, mobile application development and website development, photography, graphic designing). The girls are tra… more »

Girls Go IT

Our mission: is to prepare girls for STEM studies and while they are at studies, prepare them for ICT labour market through internship with ICT companies. The girls go IT program created single-handedly a new generation of girls active in IT. One of the … more »

Girls Go Tech School and Alumni Programme

Launched in 2015, Girls Go Tech is a year-long school-based programme that aims to encourage junior secondary school girls from under-privileged backgrounds to pursue traditionally male-dominated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) relat… more »

Girls in Tech

Girls in Tech (GIT) is a global non-profit that works to put an end to gender inequality in high-tech industries and startups. We do that by educating and empowering women who are passionate about technology. As a result, we offer everything from coding … more »

Girls Smart Code

School of ICT for refugees and host community living in and around Dzaleka Refugee Camp. Focuses in Computer Programming and Business Entrepreneurship Remy Gakwaya is a Burundian refugee that resides in Dzaleka Refugee Camp. He is a natural born entrepre… more »


GirlsCoding - an initiative to train young girls in underserved communities (Slums and the Orphanages) in Nigeria, in computer programming skills, place them on internship and give them mentorship opportunities with female technology and engineering ment… more »

GirlsTEK Global

GirlsTEK Global is a Nonprofit organization which is out to promote girls in S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Entrepreneurship & Mathematics) and entrepreneurship by equipping & training them with advanced technological & entrepreneurial skills to emerge as … more »

Global Editathon: Girls in ICT

The Women Special Interest Group of the Internet Society (Women SIG ISOC) is a young initiative, created in December 2017. It is comprised of five regional leads (Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America) and a Women S… more »


GP4Tech is a project that raised from a group of female software engineers in Jalasoft (the most big company of Software in Bolivia). Jalasoft is a part of Jala group, and another project besides Jalasoft, we have Jala Foundation which has as main object… more »


HackYourFuture is a code school (foundation) teaching computer programming to refugees. Our aim is to empower our students through coding and get them to work as software developers. With 40 developers (all volunteers) we have created a 6-month program i… more »


The concept of Digital Ideas- D2Bs-Training Boot camp for women and girls, is firstly needed to stimulate and motivate all towards awareness on digital education and business opportunities. It also includes model and instructions on how to convert ideas … more »

ICT Public Training Administration & Service Center for Hi-skilled Workers

ICT Public Training Administration & Service Center for Hi-skilled Workers (ICT Training Center), located in Shenzhen, is the first public service center in China aims to cultivate hi-skilled workers using high technology as training methods. It has foll… more »

ICT Volunteerism : Empowering Youth towards Digital Inclusion

Malaysia ICT Volunteer (MIV) is an initiative by Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to empower Malaysians to be technologically prepared for the digital era. There are four focus groups under the MIV programme namely; MIV with Commun… more »


Shbabeek ‘ICT4Girls’ Program: This program is a designed competition that directs 100 young girls from different backgrounds to become active and productive on ICT related fields. The Idea: Training the Yemeni girls in the age group 17 to 22 years in … more »

Igire Rwanda

Igire Rwanda, a Non-Governmental Organization, which has a mission to support youth and women to mass skills and opportunities for growth to make sure they are self-reliant. Igire Rwanda Organization is known in the community through empowering women and… more »

Ignitech Women

Ignite Technology in Women (Ignitech Women) is a Modcom Institute Initiative whose main mission is to mentor girls and women to become the future technology leaders and innovators of our world. Ignitech Women address the skills gap and gender gap that ex… more »

iHub Kids Hacker Camp (KHC)

iHub Kids Hacker Camp (KHC) offers kids an opportunity to learn the STEAM skills needed to become techies and leaders; who can identify problems in their community and challenge themselves to solve it. During the week of 12th -16th November 2018, iHub ra… more »

Innovation Summer Camp

Innovation Summer Camp is an annual summer camp program that complements the efforts that the United Arab Emirates has put to promote an innovative culture in the information society amongst Emirati youth from 6 - 17 years old for both genders. The camp … more »

Inspiring Fifty

Project Prep is fictional novel aimed at 9-15 year old girls created to show girls how cool and rewarding a career in technology can be. With all companies set to be technology companies, it is vital that young girls learn tech skills in order to benefit… more »

Institute of Science and Technology

The target audience of the Institute is promising younger generation particularly young women who are interested in STEM subjects. The educational programs are on high technologies like Computer science and Engineering, Electronics and communications Eng… more »


IT Girls initiative, supported by the UN, UNDP, UNICEF and UN Women which aims to increase the number of girls and women in the STEM area. The most number of events were focused on children, in the form of workshops in elementary schools across Bosnia a… more »


Amazon du web is an NGO made up of passionate women fighting for women's digital literacy. IT4Girls is first and foremost an initiative set up to educate young girls from high schools and colleges in the fields of technology. We then proceed with practic… more »

Jjiguene Tech Hub

JJiguene Tech Senegal, the first women network in technology in Senegal, aims first to encourage, inspire and initiate more senegalese women to integrate the IT ecosystem through networking, training, mentoring and knowledge sharing. We are promoting STE… more »


KamiLimu is a 6-month structured mentorship program for Computer Science University students, whose inception was motivated by various criticisms of the computing degrees offered at Kenyan universities for failing to equip graduates with the necessary IC… more »

Key Press OSD

This is an On-Screen Display for keys. It displays button presses at a clearly visible text size. It is useful while chatting or for occasional typing. Feature Highlights: Highly Customizable KeyPress OSD has many unique features. If there is a settin… more »


We work so that thousands of women in Latin America develop careers in technology that change their future and make the industry more diverse. Through our Bootcamp, women who did not have access to a quality education, become Web Developers and Designers… more »


We are working to become the leading source of female tech talent from Latin America to the world, transforming the future of thousands of women and the companies that employ them. At Laboratoria we work for thousands of women in Latin America to develop… more »

Latinas in STEM

Our mission is to inspire and empower Latinas to pursue, thrive and advance in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) fields. Our primary purpose is to spread awareness about STEM and inspire and encourage middle school and high-school La… more »

Low-cost Educational Aid (audio visual device) empowering use of e-Learning in off-grid area of Bangladesh

This is a challenge of 21st century to provide education services in off-grid rural areas of Bangladesh. Despite the fact that the legislature has stepped up with regards to set up mixed media classrooms in each school, there are as yet 9300 schools ever… more »

Mark Robots

MARK is a Uruguayan enterprise dedicated to the design and manufacture of technological kits for educational purposes. MARK seeks to bring the STEM education model (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to the classrooms of Uruguay. MARK is a… more »


Digital Literacy is a Human Right. MentorNations empowers underserved communities to transform their lives through technology. Our team of youth-led ambassadors focus exclusively on eradicating the digital divide. We inspire passion for digital literacy,… more »


mHub is Malawi's first Technology Hub. The hub trains, mentors, incubates and accelerates emerging innovators with digital skills to build sustainable technology solutions. The hub targets children, girls and youth ages 7 to 35. The hub's main objec… more »

mLab Southern Africa

Building Africa’s most vibrant tech innovation ecosystem through communities, code, lean innovation and start-up Labs. mLab SA was launched in 2011 as a mobile technology laboratory and incubator. Since then, it has grown to provide tech skills developme… more »


Mobile Computer Lab is a program under PEN Tanzania, established in the year 2016 with its main focus on teaching girls in public primary school on basic practical computer knowledge (ICT), computer coding and introduction to robotics. We teach girls fro… more »

Mobile repair training for unemployed youth

Amoud Foundation impacts the local and global communities by helping people help themselves through sustainable humanitarian projects while maintaining trusting relationships. The project is aimed to give fast and reliable mobile repair training for unem… more »


Mujeres Conectadas is a program created by Sheva and supported by Tigo Guatemala that aims to reduce the digital gender divide by providing workshops to more than 10,000 girls and women every year. Through Mujeres Conectadas women can learn how to use mo… more »

Multi Approach Digital Literacy Program

Sustainable Digital Literacy Program is a solution from the Center for Digital Society to respond to the current problem of digital literacy gap in Indonesia. Up until this day, we have done numerous activities that include public event, engaging awarene… more »


MUVA Tech was designed to empower women and girls, especially the more vulnerable, through ICTs, both by improving their skills in this field and by increasing their employability thanks to those. In order to increase the number of female consumers and p… more »

National Information Technology Competition for School Students

competition for school students throughout the UAE. It is developed and organized by students’ association and faculty members at the College of Information Technology, United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) since 2008. The competition consists of four s… more »

National Program of Educational Informatics Ministry of Public Education-Omar Dengo Foundation

The National Program of Educational Informatics of the Ministry of Public Education and the Omar Dengo Foundation is an initiative promoted by the Costa Rican Government since 1988 to introduce digital technologies to the public education system. Its pur… more »

Next Generation Digital Professionals, Women en ICT Scholarship and Learn Work Grow Program

We live in the Digital Society. For Suriname to benefit from this transformation we need to empower Human Capital. Spang Makandra offers young people the opportunity to start a new career. On the 8th of march 2017, in connection with Internation… more »


This Project has produced changes in attitudes and increased knowledge and skills which equipped and motivated the community and individuals to continue providing services to girls and young women after the project has end. To scale up and strengthen the… more »


Pandoo is a social entrepreneurship that economically empower underprivileged youth by giving them digital marketing training to improve business activity of community-owned business in their region. Founded in 2017, Pandoo focused on solving youth unemp… more »

Piloting the use of TV White Space for Community Networks in Rural Tanzania

Almost half of Tanzania population remains unconnected to benefit from the current digital economy with the current traditional Internet access approaches. A study that was carried out by Research for ICT Africa (RIA) in Tanzania reported that 86% of rur… more »

Prime Minister’s ICT Internship Program

Prime Minister’s ICT Internship Program is offering 3000 Internships to ICT graduates who aim to develop a career in ICT Industry. Selected interns will be placed in ICT Industry & IT departments of public and private sector organizations for a period of… more »

Programming for children and teenagers

The MINI Y MEGA Programmers 3.0 plan aims to provide our children and young people with the necessary skills to be "technology makers". The fourth industrial revolution is advancing exponentially and will increasingly need more experts in programming, co… more »

Promotion of IT training for people with special needs

To develop Innovation and Information Technology (IT) industry in the country, there is a real need in a large number of skilled local IT professionals/specialists. It is important to make IT training available country-wide and encourage people to select… more »

Rural Impact Sourcing

RIS, is a project of digitalPH which is an initiative under the ICT Capability Development and Management Program that aims to expand economic opportunities by making them more inclusive. The Program aims to provide access to economic opportunities to Fi… more »

Rural Innovation Lab

B-Lab (Rural Innovation Lab), an entrepreneurship development platform, is an initiative of Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID) designed with support from PUM, The Netherlands to foster entrepreneurship primarily in rural areas of Banglades… more »


In 2016 Colombia signed a Peace Agreement that ended the armed conflict ongoing for over 34 years. In order to support national peace bulding objectives, RuralTIC was created by Computadores para Educar with support of the Education and ICT Ministries. T… more »

SENAI Open Laboratory

The Open Lab is a learning environment created to welcome people with different profiles and skills. Offering free access to equipment, it encourages collaborative work for product, process and business development. Located in the Center for Innovation a… more »

She codes for change

In Tanzania the gender gap in STEM subjects is still very wide with females lagging far behind males." SHE Codes for Change, a Tanzanian tech mentorship project aims to close the gender gap in the technology sector by educating, inspiring and equipping h… more »

she codes;

she codes; is a community of women in technology, created to reach 50% of software developers woman within a decade in Israel. Founded in 2013 by Ruth Polachek, today she codes; includes approximately 20,000 members. Our members include women who want to… more »


Sinergia is An incubation program for Latin American companies, with its headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay. Our mission: • Help accelerate the next generation of Uruguayan companies in their initial stages. • Offer access to mentors, new methodologies,… more »


ICT is taking a central role in all aspects but there are still fewer girls enrolling for ICT related technical skills and jobs, hence the digital and technical divide. Girls from disadvantaged backgrounds and underserved communities are especially margi… more »

Skills Ontario

Over the past 30 years, Skills Ontario has grown into the most impactful organization encouraging youth to explore career options in the skilled trades and technologies. We are committed to preparing Ontario’s youth for the highly-skilled economy of tom… more »

SMART Sistas

The SMART Sistas ICT Camp for Girls strives to empower girls aged 9-14 to pursue educational opportunities in information communication technology areas to help Vanuatu reach gender equality in the ICT field through a intensive ICT camp. The end five day… more »

SMART Sistas Girls ICT Camp, Girls Mobile App Training Program & Girls Robotic Team

The Situation for ICT in Vanuatu is there is a lack of information communication technology training to empower girls ages 11-15 to become leaders in the ICT field. The SMART Sistas (Sisters Mastering Advanced Real Technology) ICT Camp for girls strive… more »

SMK Coding

SMK Coding is a free certified training program designed by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Directorate General of Informatics Applications for vocational school students majoring in Software Engineering. In 10 meetings every Saturda… more »


STEMbees is a non-profit focused on encouraging and mentoring more young African women to pursue their dreams and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Our goal is to increase the participation of young girls in STEM so we might he… more »


Stemettes is an award-winning social enterprise working across the UK & Ireland and beyond to inspire and support young women into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths careers (known collectively as STEM). Our Mission To inspire the next generation… more »

Talleres de Computacion

The Sentido Foundation seeks to develop the necessary skills for the insertion of children and young people between 12 and 18 years old who are or have been institutionalized and who participate or have participated in outpatient programs of the National… more »

Tanzania Girls in ICT

Tanzania Girls in ICT program is an initiative looking to nurture young girls to develop interest in Information and communication Technology (ICT) at early stage of their careers through teaching them basic ICT skills. The initiative is structured in su… more »

Taungana Africa

Taungana is a movement that provides rural high school girls in the Southern Africa (starting with Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa) with an opportunity to explore the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Mathematics (STEM). … more »

Technology for Gender

Help to Help is an international non-governmental organisation focused on creating possibilities for sustainable poverty reduction in East Africa by increasing access to education, employment opportunities and gender equality. The organisation has develo… more »

The Female in IT

The Female in IT initiative is a global effort to raise awareness on empowering and encouraging girls and young women to consider studies and careers in ICTs. For Kosovo, it was the first time that such an event was organized to mark this day through th… more »

The Meninas Digitais – UFSC (Digital Girls)

The rates of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic), including IT (Information Technology) and Engineering courses are very low in Brazil. The Meninas Digitais – UFSC (Digital Girls) project proposes to minimize the gender gap in… more »

The National Program for eAwareness

In terms of technology, the UAE has increased internet use from 19% in 2000 to 98.4% in 2018, according to Internet World Stats (IWS). However, the culturally and ethnically diverse nature of the UAE creates a potential for the use of technology in ways… more »

The Popup School - A multipurpose green solution

Our Popup School, a multipurpose solution with a simple and fast implementation process, aims to be the pillar of a whole community, promoting educational and training. Based on modular building, it can be customized to give a community exactly what it n… more »

UGR Tech Camp for Girls

This project, “Campus Tecnológico UGR para Chicas” (“UGR Tech Camp for Girls”) aims to show computer sciences and telecommunications as free areas of social stereotypes, working directly with a group of pre-university girls (High School). UGR Tech Camp i… more »


The Sergio Paiz Foundation, also known for its acronym Funsepa, is a non-for-profit organization created aiming to provide technology that improves the educational system and contributes to the alleviation of poverty in Guatemala. We aim to be the leadin… more »


Volkeno is a digital company based in Dakar, Senegal. We train students and professionals in 4 areas: Web Development, Mobile Development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, and Business. We have two technology training models led by experienced coach… more »

Women & Digital Skills

The organization started with a program called Tech Needs Girls which is a mentorship program to teach girls from 6-18 years how to lead and innovate by learning to code. To scale the impact with the Tech Needs Girls program they started the first coding… more »

Women in Tech and Entrepreneurship in NY

The mission of the Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship in New York initiative is to facilitate, encourage and enable a significant increase in the participation of women in both higher education and entrepreneurship in fields related to technology i… more »

Women Initiatives for Information Technology

The Independent Dames Endeavor (TIDE), is a non-government organization that makes a concerted and conscious effort to make women take their destinies in their own hands. Among their primary strategies, are free computer training and campaigning against … more »

Women Who Code Toronto

Women Who Code Toronto encourages women to excel in technology careers. They do this by providing free events/workshops on innovative topics at different companies. They partner with companies to showcase to women potential career opportunities. Their ma… more »


WomEng is an authentic values-driven organisation for women in engineering by predominantly women engineers who have developed programme to address the issues facing women in the engineering sector from school level all the way through to industry. Being… more »


Because of their social and academic background, girls studying in STEM are facing several challenges. Among them are : - Academic internship or first job - Professional and technical skills (mainly due to outdated curricula) - Career Management or advan… more »

Working to Advance STEM Education for African Women

WAAW (Working to Advance Science and Technology Education for African Women) Foundation is an international non-profit organization founded in 2007. Headquartered in Lagos Nigeria with an operational office in Wylie, Texas. OUR MISSION To increase the pi… more »


Write/Speak/Code is on a mission to empower women software developers to become thought leaders, conference speakers, and open source contributors. We run conferences and events across the US. It is on a mission to increase the visibility and leadership … more »

XL Africa

XL Africa aims to put a spotlight on the continent’s growing digital economy by scouting for and supporting the most innovative tech startups. The programme is mostly delivered digitally, through a number of video modules available on demand, and also in… more »

YCDI Women In IT Mentoring Program

This program Youth Can Do I.T. (YCDI) is a youth empowerment organization that uses technology and strengths based initiatives to develop and empower young people. This year the Founder and organizers of the organization started a Women In IT Mentoring p… more »

Yielding Accomplished African Women

We're on a mission to empower women with a gender specific professional toolkit to succeed in finance and technology careers. We believe Africa's ability to contend on the global stage depends on her ability to equip men and women with transferrable skil… more »

younoh media

younoh media is a fast growing digital marketing agency based in Dubai. We provide professional and innovative solutions to clients across the UAE. Our core team is composed of creative and technical minds with high expertise in Social Media strategies, … more »


The Youth4Health Challenge makes children reflect on their own attitude towards health and behavior and stimulates them to come with solutions based on technology. The participants work in teams and challenge one another with original ideas, which is at … more »


"Y" stands for Youth, and "Kusudi" stands for Purpose (from Swahili). We believe that finding a personal purpose is what moves today's youth for self-motivation, learning and development. Through a 6 months program, Yusudi ensures that you grow into an a… more »

Zimba Women

ZimbaWomen is a flagship project of Zimba Group; which is an IT solutions provider specializing in the provision of technical and software solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises. We have trusted advisers offering strategic and tactical business couns… more »