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Joint Coordination Activity on Accessibility and Human Factors (JCA-AHF)


The JCA-AHF was established in December 2007 and reports to TSAG since June 2015 after reported to ITU-T Study Group 2 previously. Its Terms of Reference were modified accordingly by TSAG meeting in June 2015.

How to participate
Participation is open to representatives and invited experts from organizations interested in the field, including standard developing organizations (SDOs), academia, governments, regulators, etc. Please contact the JCA-AHF Secretariat if interested.


Andrea Saks,
E-mail: andrea.saks[at]

Floris L. van Nes,
E-mail: F.L.V.nes[at]

Christopher Jones,
E-mail: christopherfg.jones[at]

Gerry Ellis,
E-mail: gerry.ellis[at]

TSB JCA-AHF Secretariat
E-mail: tsbjcaahf[at]

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