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Focus Groups

ITU-T Focus Groups

Focus Groups are an instrument created by ITU-T that augment the Study Group work programme by providing an alternative working environment for the quick development of specifications in their chosen areas. Focus Groups are now widely used to address industry needs as they emerge, and when they are not covered within an existing Study Group. The key difference between Study Groups and Focus Groups is the freedom that they have to organize and finance themselves. Focus Groups can be created very quickly, are usually short-lived and can choose their own working methods, leadership, financing, and types of deliverables.

ITU-T Focus Groups and Recommandation ITU-T A.7

Focus Groups are an instrument created by ITU–T to provide an additional working environment for the quick development of standards in specific areas. The procedure in ITU-T Rec. A.7 defines how an "arms-length" entity (called a "Focus Group" in ITU-T parlance) can be created to work with an ITU–T Study Group as a parent body while at the same time maintaining a high degree of independence, in particular concerning working methods, types of outputs, membership, financing, and administration. More

FG IMT-2020

Focus Group on IMT-2020 (FG IMT-2020)
(In operation since 2015-05)

The Focus Group on IMT-2020 will identify network standardization requirements for the '5G' development of International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) for 2020 and beyond.



ITU-T Focus Group Digital Financial Services (FG DFS)
(In operation since 2014-06)

The ITU-T Focus Group Digital Financial Services was established by ITU-T TSAG at its meeting in Geneva, 17-20 June 2014. FG-DFS will provide a platform for dialogue among players in the banking/financial and telecom sectors to share information, best practices, develop a series of deliverables and showcasing innovations, policies and standards activities that are taking place in the area of digital financial services.


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