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Standardization Committee for Vocabulary

​​In accordance with Resolution 67 (Rev. Hammamet, 2016) of the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly, the Standardization Committee for Vocabulary has been set up to address the need for a harmonized understanding of all terms and definitions used in standardization.

Terms of Reference

1. To provide consultation on terms and definitions for vocabulary work for ITU‑T in the six languages, in close collaboration with the General Secretariat (Conferences and Publications Department), the TSB editor for the English language as well as the relevant study group rapporteurs for vocabulary, and to seek harmonization among all concerned ITU‑T study groups regarding terms and definitions.

2. To liaise with CCV a​nd other organizations dealing with vocabulary work in the telecommunication field, for example with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as well as the ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee for Information Technology (JTC 1), in order to eliminate duplication of terms and definitions.

3. To inform TSAG at least once per year of its activities and to report its results to the next WTSA.

Next event

Joint SCV-CCV virtual meeting:

17 June 2019 14:00 hours (CET)
- Participants in Geneva: Room G3 (Varembé building) (new room)
- Remote participants: Please send an email to  for conference bridge details.