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WTIS-17 - Registration


​Registration to the World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Symposium (WTIS) is now open. In order to register, please complete the WTIS-17 online registration form.
The Symposium proceedings will be conducted in Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish. This is based on the requests for interpretation received from the participants until the deadline of 15 September 2017.
Participants are encouraged to submit papers relevant to the agenda items of the meeting, by e-mail, to These papers will only be available in the languages in which they are submitted.
Note: Once you have submitted the online registration form, you will receive a confirmation of your registration by email.



Within the budget available, one fellowship per country may be granted to participants from countries with a GDP per capita of less than 2'000 USD. Due to budgetary constraints, the countries benefiting from ITU fellowships may be required to partly contribute to expenses associated to their nominee’s participation.

How to request for a fellowship

To request a fellowship form, participants must first register online and tick the appropriate box. Upon acceptance of the registration, a fellowship request form will be sent to the participant. The form should be completed, signed and approved by an authorized officer of the administration. Priority will be given to applicants who submit a paper of direct relevance to an agenda item. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that the duly completed form is signed, approved, stamped and returned together with the paper at the latest by the deadline of 5 September 2017.

The fellowship form and the paper can be scanned and emailed to

Only requests that have fulfilled all conditions will be considered.

It is imperative that fellows be present from the first day to the end of the meeting and participate during the entire fellowship period.