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Capacity development

​​​​​​​​​capacity_building.JPGITU assists governments in developing countries in their ICT data collection and dissemination efforts. Support is provided for the production of statistics in the areas of ICT infrastructure, access, and use by household and individuals. Technical workshops are carried out at the national and regional levels to exchange experiences and discuss methodologies, definitions, survey vehicles and other issues related to the collection of ICT statistics.

ITU online training course on Measuring digital development: Telecommunication/ICT Indicators

The training aims to strengthen the capacity of countries to produce ICT indicators and statistics according to international standards and methodologies. It presents the main groups of telecommunication/ICT indicators collected and the different questionnaires as well as the definition and methodologies of the indicators following the ITU Handbook for the collection of administrative data on telecommunications/ICT. Examples provided address data gaps and challenges faced by countries and suggests possible solutions.

The training is intended for participants who are responsible for collecting and/or producing such statistics in ministries, regulatory agencies, and national statistical offices around the world. Telecommunication analysts and researchers, as well as the press and students will also find the training useful in understanding the telecommunications market and services, and for monitoring and benchmarking digital development. The course is structured into five modules that cover five key domains of telecommunication/ICT indicators, such as fixed-broadband networks, mobile-broadband networks, Internet, traffic and bundled services; finance, broadcasting and QoS, or ICT prices.

The traini​ng​ is free of charge and is available from 4 January to 31 December 2022 on the ITU Academy portal. The coursework in total it requires two full days, can be followed at own pace. To register please visit the ITU Academy portal where you must first create an account.

ITU training course on measuring ICT access and use by households and individuals

The one-week training course is designed for staff of National Statistical Offices (NSOs) and other national institutions in charge of the production of official ICT statistics and on household surveys from countries around the world. The course is based on the ITU Manual for Measuring ICT Access and Use by ​Households and Individuals. The training materials are available in the six official languages of ITU.
Learn more about the content of the face-to-face training course or contact us if your organization is interested in receiving training on ICT household statistics at:

Technical workshops on statistics

To help guide countries in their data collection efforts, ITU carries out 
regional and national workshops in the area of ICT infrastructure and access indicators included in the ITU Handbook for the Collection of Administrative Data on Telecommunications/ICT, and collected from administrative sources. These workshops cover indicators and definitions, data sources and questionnaires, databases, dissemination and other relevant topics. Frequently, the workshops are co-organized with other members of the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development.