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Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Special documents 1st WTIM Final report

2nd World Telecommunication Indicators Meeting

Final Report

Final report - Full version

Part I

  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Opening Remarks
  • List of documents
  • List of participants
  • Final Agenda
Part II

Country overviews of telecommunication statistics collection and dissemination
  • Telecommunications in Finland - A statistical overview
  • Overview of Norway telecommunications statistics
  • Telecommunication statistics in a competitive environment
  • State of telecommunication statistics collection and dissemination in Botswana Telecommunications Corp. (BTC)
Part III

Regional and international overviews of telecommunication statistics
  • OECD work on communications indicators
  • Statistics in Sri Lanka & future developments in telecommunications
  • Eurostat’s prospects on telecommunications statistics
Part IV

ITU data collection and dissemination activities
  • Telecommunication statistics
  • Of data gathering and data storage
  • Telecommunication statistics from a user’s perspective
Part V

Telecommunication traffic & mobile communications statistics
  • International traffic & tariff indicators
  • Mobile communications indicators
  • Mobile communications questionnaire
  • Telecommunication statistics in Togo
  • Data definition, data collected by different entities, data on the Internet
  • Challenges to the Network 1999
Part VI

Universal service / access indicators
  • Measuring access to telecommunications: Universal service and access indicators
Part VII

Other documents
Distributed for information
(not presented)
  • Telecommunication statistics collection and dissemination in Taiwan
  • Telecommunications data gathering in Germany
  • Background Paper for Official Statistics on Telecommunications in Sweden
  • State of telecommunications data collection and dissemination in Liberia
  • Definition of Questions
Special ITU distribution
Documents used as reference material

1st World Telecommunication Indicators Meeting

Final report

1st part 2nd part 3rd part 4th part 5th part
List of documents
List of participants
Survey on ITU/BDT Indicators
Speakers' Presentations

Opening Session

S.1: - Overview
- Opening Remarks
- The State of Telecommunication Statistics Worldwide
- Performance Indicators for PTOs: An update

Speakers' Presentations (cont.)

S.2: - Tariffs
- The OECD Tariff Models
- Tariff Comparisons and Monitoring

S.3: - Traffic
- The New Demand for Telecoms Traffic Data: From MiTTs to Maps
- International Traffic Modelling

Speakers' Presentations (cont.)

S.4: - Quality of Service
- Quality of Service Indicators
- Customer Satisfaction Index

S.5: Collecting Statistics
- Telecommunication Market report
- Quarterly Market report
- Regional Statistics
- African Telecommunication Observatory

Speakers' Presentations (cont.)

S.6: - Using Statistics
- Benchmarking
- Country Policy Use

S.7: - Managing Statistics
- Electronic Statistics Disseminations & STARS
- Disseminating information via the Internet

Speakers' Presentations (cont.)

S.8: - Involving National Statistical Agencies
- Revision of National Accounts
- North America ITT Classification

S.9: - Convergence
- G-7 International Inventory Project
- The Observatory Approach
- Covering High-tech Industries


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