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About the ITU-D and the BDT

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D) works to close the digital divide and drive digital transformation to leverage the power of ICTs for economic prosperity, job creation, digital skills development, gender equality, diversity, a sustainable and circular economy, ​and for saving lives. Its work prioritizes those most in need- from people living in the world’s Least Developed Countries to marginalized communities everywhere.



The work of the Telecommunication Development Sector is supported by its Secretariat, the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT). BDT deals mainly with development policies, strategies, programming, as well as technical cooperation activities to close the digital divide. To effectively and efficiently serve the needs of Member States, BDT also administers the regional presence of ITU.

Deputy to the Director (DDR)

​The office of the Deputy to the Director is established to support the functioning of the Regional Offices and Geneva HQ.  As Chief of the Field Operations Coordination Department, the Deputy to the Director is responsible for assisting and advising the Director in the direction and management of the Bureau including on all questions related to personnel, strategic, financial and operational planning process.

Digital Networks & Society Department (DNS)

The department is responsible for coordinating the work of BDT on cybersecurity, digital innovation and services, digital inclusion, environment, emergency telecommunications and network and digital infrastructure.

​Partnerships for Digital Development Department (PDD)

To be successful, BDT must create clear and simple mechanisms to develop partnerships with donors, foundations, and the private sector, and coordinate the delivery of these resources to meet the needs of Member States. To create the necessary synergy, resource mobilization and project design are combined in this department.  The PD department is responsible for the strategic planning that will properly position the BDT to accomplish its organizational goals and objectives, foster partnerships and mobilize resources.  It will also undertake initiatives and activities in the framework of the WTDC Plan of Action and strengthen relations with the ITU-D membership.  

Digital Knowledge Hub Department (DKH)

​The department provides a forum for the Member States to collaborate in our Study Groups and it also compiles and disseminates valuable ICT statistics which provide the basis for sound public policy decisions. At the same time it provides expertise in the areas of Regulatory and Market environments, ICT capacity, and digital skills development.