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World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-04)

Candidates for Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of ITU-T SGs and TSAG (by Countries)

In accordance with WTSA Resolution 35 (Montreal, 2000), the Director of TSB, has issued TSB Circular 247 inviting Member States and Sector Members to propose candidates for Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of ITU-T study groups and the Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group for the study period 2005-2008.

The letters recommending candidates and the CVs of the candidates are posted in the original language as they were received and no translation is provided by TSB. Member States and Sector Members who wish to provide a translation of their document(s) may do so and these will be posted together with the original versions.

Country Letters recommending candidates Candidates Proposed for
Arab countries participating in WTSA-04 [En] Maurice Ghazal * Vice-Chairman, SSG (SG J)
Argentina [En] [En] Carlos Antonio Cancelli Chairman, TAL
Australia [En] [En] Leslie Gary Graf Vice-Chairman, SG 11
Brazil [En] [En] Bruno Ramos Vice-Chairman, SSG
[En] Carlos José Lauria Nunes da Silva Vice-Chairman, SG6
[En] Vanderlei Campos Vice-Chairman, TAL
Cameroon [Fr] [Fr] Aboubakar Zourmba Vice-Chairman, TSAG
Canada [En] [En] Paul Coverdale Vice-Chairman, SG G
[En] Joe Zebarth Vice-Chairman, SG I
[En] John Visser Chairman, SG J
[En] Ostap Monkewich Vice-Chairman, SG K
China [En]

(updated 06.10.04)
[En] Jiang Lintao Vice-Chairman, NGN
[En] Qi Feng Vice-Chairman, SG 4
[En] Feng Wei Vice-Chairman, SG 11
[En] Yu Shaohua Vice-Chairman, SG 15
[En] Chen Jianyong Vice-Chairman, SG 17
Cuba [Es] Pedro Oliva Brunet * Vice-Chairman, TAL
Ecuador [En] [Es] Xavier Barragán Vice-Chairman, TAL
Egypt [En] [En] Sherif Guinena Vice-Chairman, SG 2
France [Fr]
(updated 21.09.04)
[En] [Fr] Marie-Thérèse Alajouanine Chairman, SG 2
[En] [Fr] Jean-Yves Monfort Chairman, SG 12
[En] [Fr] Ahmed Zeddam Vice-Chairman, SG 5
[En] [Fr] Alain Le Roux Vice-Chairman, SG 11
[En] [Fr] Olivier Le Grand Vice-Chairman, SG 13
[En] [Fr] Claude Lamblin Vice-Chairman, SG 16
[En] [Fr] Jacques Boulvin Vice-Chairman, TSAG
Gabon [Fr] [Fr] Jean-Jacques Massima Landji Vice-Chairman, TSAG
Germany [En] [En] Klemens P.F. Adler Vice-Chairman, SG 12
[En] Helmut Schink Vice-Chairman, SG 13
[En] Istvan Sebestyen Vice-Chairman, SG 16
Hungary [En] [En] Agoston Foldvari Vice-Chairman, SG 3
[En] György Varju Vice-Chairman, SG 5
Italy [En] [En] Gastone Bonaventura Vice-Chairman, SG 15
[En] Kiritkumar P. Lathia Vice-Chairman, SSG
[En] Andrea Macchioni Vice-Chairman, TSAG
[En] Francesco Montalti Chairman, SG 6
[En] Roberto Pomponi Chairman, SG 5
Japan [En] [En] Yukio Hiramatsu Chairman, SG11
[En] Seiichi Tsugawa Vice-Chairman, SG3
[En] Nobuo Fujii Vice-Chairman, SG4
[En] Shuichi Matsumoto Vice-Chairman, SG9
[En] Naotaka Morita Vice-Chairman, SG13
[En] Yoichi Maeda Chairman, SG15
[En] Yushi Naito Vice-Chairman, SG16
[En] Yu Watanabe Vice-Chairman, SG17
[En] Motoshi Tamura Vice-Chairman, SSG
[En] Haruo Okamura Vice-Chairman, TSAG
Korea 1) [En]

2) [En]
[En] Ki-Shik Park Chairman, SG 3
[En] Chae-Sub Lee Chairman, SG NGN (SG 13)
[En] Hong-Lim Lee Vice-Chairman, TSAG
[En] Hyeong-Ho Lee Vice-Chairman, SG 11
[En] Byoung-Moon Chin Vice-Chairman, SG 17
[En] Young-Kyun Kim Vice-Chairman, SSG
[En] Byoung Nam Lee Vice-Chairman, TAS
Mali [Fr] [Fr] Modibo Traore Chairman, TAF
Morocco [Fr] [En] Gihane Belhoussain Vice-Chairman, SG 2
Norway [En] [En] Arve Meisingset Vice-Chairman, SG 17
Russian Federation   [En]

 (updated 11.10.04)
[En] Alexander Kushtuev Vice-Chairman, SG A (SG3)
[En] Dmitry Cherkesov Vice-Chairman, SG H (SG4)
[En] Alexandre Tsym Vice-Chairman, SG C (SG6)
[En] Yuriy Shavdiya  Vice-Chairman, SG E (SG9)
[En] Andrey Koucheriavy Vice-Chairman, SG L (SG11)
[En] Vladimir Efimushkin Vice-Chairman, SG I (SG13)
Arkady Kremer * Vice-Chairman, SG K (SG17) 
[En] Konstantin Trofimov Vice-Chairman, SG J (SSG)
[En] Oleg Mironnikov Vice-Chairman, TSAG
Switzerland [Fr] [En] Pierre-André Probst Chairman, SG 16
Syria [En] Nabil Kisrawi * Chairman, TSAG
[En] Baker Baker Vice-Chairman, SG 4
[En] Haitham Chedyak Vice-Chairman, SG for NGN
Trinidad and Tobago [En] [En] Cleveland Ancil Thomas Chairman, TAL, Vice-Chairman, SG 3
Uganda [En] Patrick Masambu Chairman, SSG
United Kingdom [En] [En] Brian Moore Chairman, SG 13
[En] Les Homan Vice-Chairman, SG 2
[En] Charles Sandbank Vice-Chairman, SG 9
[En] Jane Humphrey Vice-Chairman, SG 11
[En] Marco Carugi Vice-Chairman, SG 13
[En] Andrew Nunn Vice-Chairman, SG 15
[En] Paul Barrett Vice-Chairman, SG 16
[En] Peter Adams Vice-Chairman, SSG
United States [En] [En] Herbert Bertine Chairman, SG 17
[En] Edmond J. Blausten Chairman, SG 3
[En] Charles A. Dvorak Vice-Chairman, SG 12
[En] Gary Fishman Chairman, TSAG
[En] Richard R. Green Chairman, SG 9
[En] Mark T. Neibert Vice-Chairman, SG 2
[En] Neal Seitz Vice-Chairman, SG 13
[En] David Sidor Chairman, SG 4
[En] Stephen J. Trowbridge Vice-Chairman, SG 15

Organization Letters recommending candidates Candidates Proposed for
African Telecommunications Union (ATU) [En] Matano Ndaro * Vice-Chairman, SG3
Patrick Masambu * Vice-Chairman, SSG
[Fr] Aboubakar Zroumba Vice-Chairman, TSAG
[En] Mphoeng Tamasinga  Vice-Chairman, TAF
Emmanuel Ellop * Vice-Chairman, TAF
BSNL India [En] [En] Ravindranath N. Padukone Chairman SG I (SG 13)
[En] Shri S.D. Saxena

Chairman, TAS and Vice-Chairman SG A (SG 3)

[En] A. V. Varadaraja Vice-Chairman SG I (SG 13)
Togo Telecom [Fr] [Fr] Abossé Akue-Kpakpo Chairman, TAF
* CVs are not yet available.
TIES account required.

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