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What are the basic GE06Calc software functionalities?

GE06 Calc is a PC-based application designed to assist administrations in the calculations related to the GE06 Plan for sound and television broadcasting services. The application reads electronic notice files and performs unofficial conformity examinations with respect to the GE06 Plan, for notices needing to be examined for conformity under Articles 4 or 5 of the RRC-06 Agreement.
GE06 Calc also provides multiple tools to analyze the results of a compatibility analysis examination previously submitted on the web – see eTools on: )
GE06 Calc is a complement to the BR IFIC (Terrestrial) DVD and it is recommended that the latest BR IFIC be installed so that characteristics of frequency assignments and proposed modifications are available.

Where can I find the GE06Calc software?

GE06 Calc is available for download at
The user is informed automatically at application startup when a new version of the software is available.

GE06 Calc does not start. What should I do?

Make sure that you have linked it to the BRIFIC. Please follow the step-by-step procedure described at:
For any specific issue, please contact

GE06 Calc does not start on a Windows 64 bit platforms. What shall I do?

Please install the 64 bit driver of SQLite available at
and click on sqliteodbc_w64.exe .
Then you may close and restart TerRaQ and resume the link.

Which data is considered by the conformity analysis?

The conformity analysis in GE06Calc considers the GE06 Plan data contained in the BRIFIC connected to it. For this reason, it is important to install the latest BRIFIC in order to consider the latest information concerning the characteristics of the frequency assignments and proposed modifications.

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