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When a vessel changes name, does the MMSI number change?

​If the vessel changes its flag, yes the MMSI number must be changed, because the MID is different for each administration (flag state/country). Within each country it is the prerogative of the licensing administration to decide on the issuing of an MMSI.

What is List V?

List V " List of Ship Stations and Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assignments" is an ITU Service Publication that contains information concerning ship stations, coast stations and search and rescue (SAR) aircraft for which an MMSI has been notified to the Radiocommunication Bureau (BR) as well as  other ship stations, predetermined groups of ship stations, accounting authority identification codes (AAICs) and contact information of notifying administrations. The description of the contents of List V can be found in the Preface to the List. The List V CD-ROM also contains a database which enables users to search for and display particulars and details of ship stations, accounting authorities and countries responsible for the notifications.

In which format is List V published?

This List is published in CD-ROM format and contains the Preface and reference tables in a booklet form.

Where to buy list V?

Please contact:
Sales and Marketing Division
Place des Nations
CH-1211 Geneva 20
Telephone: +41 22 730 6141
Telefax: +41 22 730 5194

How often is List V published?

List V "List of Ship Stations and Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assignments" is published every year, by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

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