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My administration would like to implement other broadcasting applications within the rights reserved of a Plan entry.  How can this be notified to the BR?

By submission of appropriate notice forms such as GB1 (for digital broadcasting applications) or G02 (for analogue television).

For the notification of T-DMB assignments, is it possible to use GS1 notice form or do we need to use GB1?

It is necessary to use GB1 notice form.

What notice form should be used for the notification of a T-DAB assignment as the implementation of a DVB-T Plan entry?

The notice form is GS1.

What is required for notification in terms of Article 5 for “Plan remark conditions met”?

The notice shall contain the field t_remark_conds_met = TRUE as well as the names of the respective administrations in the COORD section.

The notice for resubmission under provisions 5.1.8 and 5.2.6 of the GE06 agreement shall include a signed commitment. Is there a form (sample) to write this commitment?

There is no specific form for the commitment. A duly signed covering letter
from the notifying administration should contain reference to 5.1.8 for the respective
resubmissions. The notices must contain the fields  t_signed_commitment =TRUE and t_is_resub = TRUE as indicated in the Guidelines for GE06 submissions: The same applies to Provision 5.2.6 for other primary  services.

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