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SRTM3 - Online calculations of antenna effective height using data from publicly available SRTM3 digital terrain model.

GE06Calc software


GE06Calc is an application designed to assist administrations in the calculations related to the GE06 Plan for sound and television broadcasting services. The application:

  • Reads electronic notice files and performs unofficial conformity examinations with respect to the GE06 Plan, for notices needing to be examined for conformity under Article 4 or Article 5 of the RRC-06 agreement.
  • Reads the compatibility analysis database file obtained from eTools (eBCD).
  • It is recommended that the latest BRIFIC is installed so that characteristics of frequency assignments and proposed modifications are available.
  • Consolidated examination of G02 and GB1 notices under provision 5.1.3 of the GE06 Agreement.

   Download GE06Calc: setup.exe(

 Important Notice
For security reasons, version of GE06Calc as well as future versions are deployed using a trusted signature.
The Publisher is now : ITU, International Telecommunication Union.
If you are experiencing problems with the installation because the Publisher has changed ( pop-up message: Application cannot be started, Please contact the application vendor), please uninstall the previous version of GE06Calc ( in “Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features”) and re-install the latest version available above by clicking on setup.exe.


ITU HFBC software

ITU HFBC is a package consistent with the general principles set out in Article 12 and the implementation of seasonal planning of the High Frequency Bands allocated to the Broadcasting Services (HFBC).
  • ITUHFBC - HF Calculation software 
  • HFBCREQ - Data Capture software
  • HFBCVAL - HF Data Validation software
  • HFBCANT - HF Antenna Calculation software

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Online validation


Before submitting notices, administrations are strongly recommended to validate their submissions using the  Online validation tool