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What are the identifying elements of a broadcasting frequency assignment?

  • For Broadcasting service: Assigned frequency and Geographical coordinates

Is there a tool provided by the Bureau to create and validate Notices?

Yes, there is a tool to create and pre-validate notices, called "TerRaNotices".  It is available in the BR IFIC DVD, which is distributed to administrations every two weeks. Administrations are strongly encouraged to use this tool to pre-validate their notices in order to correct Errors/Warnings before submission.

What are the notice types and mandatory data items to be notified for the Broadcasting Service?

What are the regional plans for broadcasting services?

  • ST61 - the European Broadcasting Conference in the VHF (41-68 MHz and 162-174 MHz) and UHF bands (174-230 MHz and 470-862 MHz), revised by RRC-06
  • GE75 - Regional Agreement concerning the Use by the Broadcasting Service of Frequencies in the Medium Frequency Bands (525-1605 kHz) in Regions 1 and 3 and in the Low Frequency Bands (150-285 kHz) in Region 1
  • RJ81 – Regional Agreement concerning the use by the broadcasting service of frequencies in the medium frequency bands (535-1605 kHz) in Region 2.
  • GE84 – Regional Agreement concerning the use by the broadcasting service of VHF-FM radio (87.5 - 108 MHz) for Region 1, Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • RJ88 – Regional Administrative Radio Conference to Establish a Plan for the Broadcasting Service in the Band 1 605 - 1 705 kHz in Region 2.
  • GE89 - Regional Agreement for the Planning of VHF and UHF Television Broadcasting in the African Broadcasting Area and Neighbouring Countries. Frequency Band I: 47-68 MHz (limited to 54-68 MHz in BOT, BDI, LSO, MWI NMB, AFS, SWZ, COG, ZMB and ZWE); Band III: 230-238 MHz and 246-254 MHz (for BOT, LSO, MWI, MOZ, NMB, AFS, SWZ, ZMB and ZWE subject to agreement obtained under RR9.21)
  • GE06 – The Regional agreement relating to the planning of the digital broadcasting service concerns Region 1 (parts of Region 1 situated to the west of meridian 170⁰E and to north parallel 40⁰S, except the territory of  Mongolia) and in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Frequency bands: Band III: 174‑230 MHz; Band IV: 470‑582 MHz; Band V: 582‑862 MHz 

Can I notify an FM station with assigned frequency 87.5 MHz or 108.0 MHz?

​No. The highest possible frequency can be only 107.9 MHz and the lowest possible frequency 87.6 MHz

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