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Terrestrial Services Department (TSD)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Terrestrial Services Department (TSD) carries out technical and regulatory functions and provides assistance to administrations in the domain of international management of the RF spectrum, as specified in the Radio Regulations and various Regional Agreements, concerning terrestrial services (broadcasting, fixed, maritime mobile, aeronautical mobile, etc.).

It processes notifications of frequency assignments, maintains the Master Register and Plans concerning terrestrial services and publishes their updates at regular intervals.

It applies various administrative regulations dealing with allocation of international means of identifications (call sign series, MIDs) and with safety of life. To this end, it processes submissions for various service documents (List of coast stations, List of ship stations, etc.), publishes their updates and maintains their on-line versions.​

Submission of Notices for Terrestrial Services

​​​​​Submission of frequency assignment/allotment notices for terrestrial services to the BR for the update of the Master International Frequency Register (MIFR) and/or for the modification of Plans shall be made via the secured web interface WISFAT (Web Interface for Submission of Frequency Assignments/allotments for Terrestrial Services).


Master Register / BR IFIC

​The BR International Frequency Information Circular (Terrestrial Services) (BR IFIC) is a service document that contains information on the frequency assignments/allotments su​bmitted by Administrations to the Radiocommunication Bureau. It is published in DVD-ROM format, published once every two weeks. The Preface describes the contents and the layout of the BR IFIC.


Maritime databases (MARS)

The main objective of the ITU MARS (Maritime mobile Access and Retrieval System) webpage is to provide users with the means to access and retrieve operational information registered in the ITU maritime database. This information has been notified, to the Radiocommunication Bureau, by Administrations of the Member States of the ITU.


GLobal Administration Data System

GLAD (GLobal Administration Data System) is an online data retrieval-system and a central repository of ITU-R common information concerning administrations and geographical areas.



eTerrestrial is an online portal for terrestrial services. It contains several tools, which are complementary to the TerRaSys tools provided in the BR IFIC (Terrestrial services). These tools are to facilitate the application of the procedures in the Radio Regulations and regional agreements by providing online access to BR databases and serv​ices.



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