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What is the purpose of the International Regular Monitoring programme?

  • To monitor spectrum occupancy, as there is a continuous need for spectrum occupancy data for national spectrum managers, who often need spectrum occupancy data in distant areas when planning frequencies for long distance communications.
  • To analyse the monitored data to ensure that the different services operate in accordance with the Table of Frequency Allocations.
  • To verify and take action as the more intensive use of the radio frequency spectrum has resulted in more cases of harmful interference.

What is the requirement for participating in the International Monitoring programme?

  • Administrations which have a monitoring station facility to monitor the required frequency  bands (between 2 850 kHz and 28 000 kHz) can participate in collecting and submitting their data to the Bureau regularly.
  • Administrations from all Regions are encouraged to participate in order to have a global coverage.

Can my Administration participate in the International Monitoring programme?

  • Yes. If your Administration is interested in participating to the program, please contact the Radio communication Bureau (

What data format is acceptable to submit the monitoring observation data?

  • The reports of monitoring observations should be provided to the Bureau in table format, with the order of columns described in BR Circular-letter CR/159  and with one line per emission observed.

What data items are to be reported?

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