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How can I know when my notices are ready for publication in Part B and is there an automated tool for generating the notices to request publication in Part B?

You can see those notices in the BR IFIC and TerRaNotices allows for generating those notices. In addition,  myAdmin tool allows to display the notices ready for Part B (all agreement obtained and regulatory deadline has passed). The notices can be exported as SGML and  submitted via WISFAT.

How can I verify if coordination information relevant for my notices has reached the BR?

With eBCD2.0 online tools (eQry and myAdmin) you can visualize the quasi-live (1 day delay) coordination information for relevant notices. In addition you can subscribe to e-mail notification services (myProfile feature of myAdmin).

How can I access eBCD tools?

You need to login with your TIES account.If you do not have one: 1. Submit your request through the online application form. ( 2. The Focal Point of your organization/company will receive an email for authorization 3. Once the Focal Point has authorized the request, the new TIES account is created.

How can I visualize the coordination contours for my notices published in a GE06D Special Section?

From ePub you can click on the link showing the number of assignment published in Part A1 or the relevant Special Section.  All the record published in Part A1 will be shown. Select your administration on the list of Notifying Administration, to facilitate your search. Click on the link of the Unique identification code of the relevant assignment or allotment and you will see the details on your notice.  Clicking on the tab "Coordination Exam Result" will display the coordination contour. You can also visualize those contours from eQry and myAdmin.