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In what units are frequencies to be notified?

​Frequencies should be notified only in MHz.

What is the difference between a notice and a frequency assignment/allotment?

A notice is a frequency assignment or an allotment which is under processing.

A frequency assignment/allotment is a frequency assignment/allotment which is recorded either in the Master Register or in the Plan.

How to identify the appropriate notice type for notification in Terrestrial services?

Generally, the notice types are divided by service, frequency band and class of station. For further details please refer to the following links:   
ITU web site:
Notification tutorial:
World Radiocommunication Seminar:

How to identify frequency assignment?

  • Either by identifying elements
  • Or by the unique identification code given by the administration

What are the identifying elements of a broadcasting frequency assignment?

  • For Broadcasting service: Assigned frequency and Geographical coordinates
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