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What are selective call numbers?

Selective call numbers are identifies that are used for stations of the maritime mobile service that operate selective calling devices in accordance with Recommendations ITU R M.476-5 and ITU R M.625-3.  Ship station selective call numbers and coast station identification numbers in the series are formed as indicated in RR19.88, RR19.89 and RR19.90.
Information concerning selective call numbers allocated to administrations can be found on ITU's GLAD website at:

Is it possible to have an additional series of ship station selective call numbers?

No. All available blocks (i.e. the 1000 blocks) were already allocated to administrations by 1999. Consequently, the Radiocommunication Bureau is not in a position to supply any further series of selective call numbers to ship stations (see also the ITU Operational Bulletin 693 dated 1 June 1999).
However, it is possible to re-assign the identities already assigned. Furthermore, administrations when operating direct-printing telegraph equipment in accordance with Recommendation ITU-R M.625 may use MMSIs.

How can my Administration obtain an additional series of identification numbers for a coast station?

An administration should send a request to the Radiocommunication Bureau of the ITU referencing to RR19.92. In accordance with RR19.94 coast station identification numbers will be supplied in blocks of 10 (ten) to the requesting administration.