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What are the identifying elements of a fixed and mobile frequency assignment?

​For Fixed, Mobile and Radiodetermination services: Assigned frequency, Geographical coordinates, Class of station, Bandwidth, Class of emission and Operating hours.

Which/What are mandatory data items to be notified for Fixed, Mobile and Radiodetermination Services?

The mandatory data items for specific notice types can be found in the FXM Guidelines at the following website:

When and how to notify multiple transmission links?

When a radio station operates on a specific location with the different antennas serving different receiving points on

-              same frequency

-              same class of station

-              same necessary bandwidth and class of emission

-              same operating hours but with different

-              receiving point

-              power to the antenna/radiated power

-              antenna gain

-              azimuth of maximum radiation

-              polarization and

-              height of the antenna above ground

It is not possible to notify them in multiple notices because they all have identical identifying elements. In this case, a single notice shall be submitted with different antenna characteristics. Each operation shall contain its combination of Receiving point/Power to the antenna/radiated power/Antenna gain/Azimuth of maximum radiation/Polarization/Height of the antenna above ground.


When is call the sign or station identification required?

For the following Classes of station:  FA, FC, FD, FG, FL, FP and SS, either the station identification or call sign is required (pursuant to Appendix 4). 

The call sign has to be created in accordance with the principles defined in Article 19 of the RR and only from the series of call signs attributed to the notifying administration in Appendix 42.

Are there any additional data items required when notifying assignments that fall within frequency bands that are shared on equal basis between terrestrial and space services?

The following data items are mandatory:

  • altitude of site above sea level;
  • height of Antenna above ground level;
  • elevation angle.

In addition, the radiated power and the antenna gain shall be in units referenced to isotropic radiator and not referenced to half-wave dipole.

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