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collapse Groups : CCV ‎(5)
collapse Groups : CPM ‎(15)
collapse Groups : SC ‎(22)
SCSC WP - Relating to WRC-07 agenda items2003-2007Cdisbanded
collapse Groups : SG 01 ‎(43)
SG 12019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 12015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 12012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 12007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 12003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 12000-2003Cactive
SG 11998-2000Cactive
SG 11996-1997Cactive
SG 1HDB CAT2003-2007Cdisbanded
SG 1HDB NSM2003-2007Cdisbanded
SG 1JTG 1-6-8-92000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 1TG 1/51998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 1TG 1/51996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 1TG 1/61998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 1TG 1/61996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 1TG 1/72000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 1TG 1/82003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 1TG 1/82000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 1TG 1/92003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 1WP 1A2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 1WP 1A2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 1WP 1A2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 1WP 1A2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 1WP 1A2003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 1WP 1A2000-2003Cactive
SG 1WP 1A1998-2000Cactive
SG 1WP 1A1996-1997Cactive
SG 1WP 1B2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 1WP 1B2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 1WP 1B2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 1WP 1B2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 1WP 1B2003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 1WP 1B2000-2003Cactive
SG 1WP 1B1998-2000Cactive
SG 1WP 1B1996-1997Cactive
SG 1WP 1C2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 1WP 1C2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 1WP 1C2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 1WP 1C2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 1WP 1C2003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 1WP 1C2000-2003Cactive
SG 1WP 1C1998-2000Cactive
SG 1WP 1C1996-1997Cactive
collapse Groups : SG 03 ‎(41)
SG 32019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 32015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 32012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 32007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 32003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 32000-2003Cactive
SG 31998-2000Cactive
SG 31996-1997Cactive
SG 3TG 3/22000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 3WP 3J2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3J2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3J2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3J2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3J2003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3J2000-2003Cactive
SG 3WP 3J1998-2000Cactive
SG 3WP 3J1996-1997Cactive
SG 3WP 3K2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3K2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3K2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3K2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3K2003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3K2000-2003Cactive
SG 3WP 3K1998-2000Cactive
SG 3WP 3K1996-1997Cactive
SG 3WP 3L2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3L2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3L2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3L2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3L2003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3L2000-2003Cactive
SG 3WP 3L1998-2000Cactive
SG 3WP 3L1996-1997Cactive
SG 3WP 3M2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3M2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3M2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3M2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3M2003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 3WP 3M2000-2003Cactive
SG 3WP 3M1998-2000Cactive
SG 3WP 3M1996-1997Cactive
collapse Groups : SG 04 ‎(41)
SG 42019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 42015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 42012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 42007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 42003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 42000-2003Cactive
SG 41998-2000Cactive
SG 41996-1997Cactive
SG 4JTG 4-7-82000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 4JTG 4-7-8-92000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 4JTG 4-9-111998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 4JTG-4-5-6-72012-2015CADMINFdisbanded
SG 4WP 4-9S2003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 4WP 4-9S2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 4WP 4-9S1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 4WP 4-9S1996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 4WP 4A2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 4WP 4A2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 4WP 4A2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 4WP 4A2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 4WP 4A2003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 4WP 4A2000-2003Cactive
SG 4WP 4A1998-2000Cactive
SG 4WP 4A1996-1997Cactive
SG 4WP 4B2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 4WP 4B2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 4WP 4B2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 4WP 4B2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 4WP 4B2003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 4WP 4B2000-2003Cactive
SG 4WP 4B1998-2000Cactive
SG 4WP 4B1996-1997Cactive
SG 4WP 4B (ATM)1996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 4WP 4B (PERF)1996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 4WP 4B (SNG)2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 4WP 4B (SNG)1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 4WP 4B (SNG)1996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 4WP 4C2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 4WP 4C2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 4WP 4C2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 4WP 4C2007-2012CADMINFactive
collapse Groups : SG 05 ‎(22)
SG 52019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 52015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 52012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 52007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 5JTG 5-62007-2012CADMINFdisbanded
SG 5TG 5/12015-2019CADMINFdisbanded
SG 5WP 5A2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 5WP 5A2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 5WP 5A2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 5WP 5A2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 5WP 5B2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 5WP 5B2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 5WP 5B2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 5WP 5B2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 5WP 5C2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 5WP 5C2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 5WP 5C2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 5WP 5C2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 5WP 5D2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 5WP 5D2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 5WP 5D2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 5WP 5D2007-2012CADMINFactive
collapse Groups : SG 06 ‎(42)
SG 62019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 62015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 62012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 62007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 62003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 62000-2003Cactive
SG 6JRG 6S/9D2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 6JRG 6S/9D1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 6TG 6/12019-2023CADMINFdisbanded
SG 6TG 6/62000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 6TG 6/72000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 6TG 6/82000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 6TG 6/92003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 6TG 6/92000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 6WP 6A2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 6WP 6A2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 6WP 6A2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 6WP 6A2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 6WP 6A Pre-20072003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 6WP 6B2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 6WP 6B2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 6WP 6B2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 6WP 6B2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 6WP 6B Pre-20072003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 6WP 6C2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 6WP 6C2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 6WP 6C2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 6WP 6C2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 6WP 6D2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 6WP 6E2003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 6WP 6E2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 6WP 6J2003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 6WP 6M2003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 6WP 6M2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 6WP 6P2003-2007CADMdisbanded
SG 6WP 6P2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 6WP 6Q2003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 6WP 6Q2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 6WP 6R2003-2007CADMdisbanded
SG 6WP 6R2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 6WP 6S2003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 6WP 6S2000-2003Cdisbanded
collapse Groups : SG 07 ‎(42)
SG 72019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 72015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 72012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 72007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 72003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 72000-2003Cactive
SG 71998-2000Cactive
SG 71996-1997Cactive
SG 7JRG 7D-9D1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 7WP 7A2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7A2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7A2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7A2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7A2003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7A2000-2003Cactive
SG 7WP 7A1998-2000Cactive
SG 7WP 7A1996-1997Cactive
SG 7WP 7B2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7B2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7B2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7B2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7B2003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7B2000-2003Cactive
SG 7WP 7B1998-2000Cactive
SG 7WP 7B1996-1997Cactive
SG 7WP 7C2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7C2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7C2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7C2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7C2003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7C2000-2003Cactive
SG 7WP 7C1998-2000Cactive
SG 7WP 7C1996-1997Cactive
SG 7WP 7D2019-2023CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7D2015-2019CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7D2012-2015CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7D2007-2012CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7D2003-2007CADMINFactive
SG 7WP 7D2000-2003Cactive
SG 7WP 7D1998-2000Cactive
SG 7WP 7D1996-1997Cactive
SG 7WP 7E2000-2003Cdisbanded
collapse Groups : SG 08 ‎(25)
SG 82003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 82000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 81998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 81996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 8JRG 8A-9B2003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 8JRG 8A-9B2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 8JRG 8A-9B1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 8TG 8/11998-2000CINFdisbanded
SG 8TG 8/11996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 8TG 8/21996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 8WP 8A2003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 8WP 8A2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 8WP 8A1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 8WP 8A1996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 8WP 8B2003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 8WP 8B2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 8WP 8B1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 8WP 8B1996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 8WP 8D2003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 8WP 8D2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 8WP 8D1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 8WP 8D1996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 8WP 8F2003-2007CADMdisbanded
SG 8WP 8F2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 8WP 8F1998-2000Cdisbanded
collapse Groups : SG 09 ‎(21)
SG 92003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 92000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 91998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 91996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 9JTG 6-8-92003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 9WP 9A2003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 9WP 9A2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 9WP 9A1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 9WP 9A1996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 9WP 9B2003-2007CADMINFdisbanded
SG 9WP 9B2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 9WP 9B1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 9WP 9B1996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 9WP 9C2003-2007CADMdisbanded
SG 9WP 9C2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 9WP 9C1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 9WP 9C1996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 9WP 9D2003-2007CADMdisbanded
SG 9WP 9D2000-2003Cdisbanded
SG 9WP 9D1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 9WP 9D1996-1997Cdisbanded
collapse Groups : SG 10 ‎(10)
SG 102003-2007disbanded
SG 101998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 101996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 10TG 10/61998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 10WP 10A1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 10WP 10A1996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 10WP 10B1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 10WP 10B1996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 10WP 10C1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 10WP 10C1996-1997Cdisbanded
collapse Groups : SG 11 ‎(14)
SG 111998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 111996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 11JTG 10-11Q1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 11JWP 10-11R1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 11JWP 10-11R1996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 11JWP 10-11S1996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 11TG 11/51998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 11TG 11/51996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 11WP 11A1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 11WP 11A1996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 11WP 11B1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 11WP 11B1996-1997Cdisbanded
SG 11WP 11C1998-2000Cdisbanded
SG 11WP 11C1996-1997Cdisbanded