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WTIS 2015 - Webcast and remote participation

Not able to join us in Japan? Follow the WTIS-15 live, through the WTIS-15 webcast and remote participation!​

1. Webcast

2. Click here for Remote Participation




Download the remote participation information in pdf format.

ITU is providing interactive remote participation service for WTIS-15. This service will allow experts, who do not have the opportunity to participate physically in the symposium, to contribute and participate in the discussions.

By connecting to the meetings via an Adobe Connect virtual room, remote participants will see a video feed from the meeting room, hear what is being discussed in English, see presentations as they occur, and interact by taking the floor. Participants who are interested in making use of the remote participation service are required to register for the meeting as normal and inform the secretariat of the session they are interested in.

To access the virtual meeting room, click here:

Audio Connection

There are three options to join the Teleconference

Option 1: Listen through computer speaker

By choosing this option, you can only listen to the conference. You won’t be able to speak. A chat box is available if you wish to make some comments.

Option 2: Use VoIP

This option provides the This option provides the possibility to use a headset to listen and intervene.

Option 3: Dial-In or dial-out to yourself over the phone

Click on Audio Options button (on the top right of the virtual meeting room).
- Select the country
- Type in your number  
- Click on “Call Me

The system will then call you on the specified number.

Requesting the floor

Click on the “Raise Hand” button on the top of the screen. The meeting host then will give you the floor and you will hear a short audio message on your phone stating that you can speak now.

For support, please contact: