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ITU-NBTC Asia-Pacific Regulators’ Roundtable and International Training Program

2-6 September, Bangkok, Thailand

The  ITU and NBTC are organizing the “ITU-NBTC Asia-Pacific Regulators Roundtable" (2-3 September 2019) and the ITU-NBTC International Training Program (4-6 September 2019) in Bangkok, Thailand. The  events are supported by the Department of Communications and the Arts, Government of Australia. 

For over nine years, the Regulators' Roundtable has provided telecommunication/ICT regulators in the Asia-Pacific region with a platform that fosters dynamic and strategic discussions, sharing of information, relevant experiences and practices as well as conclusively debate on possible solutions and opportunities for potential collaboration to address emerging regulatory issues and challenges. This year's Regulators' Roundtable will be followed the International Training Program (ITP) from 4-6 September 2019. 

Details on accommodation and other useful information for participants for the two events can be found in the invitation and useful information for participants. Interested participants are requested to complete the registration form not later than 30 July 2019. Please note that participation in the Regulators' Roundtable is limited to senior representatives of telecommunication/ICT policy making and regulatory agencies only. The RR will be conducted in English and will be paperless. Registration and fellowhip forms will be available on this website.

ITU is pleased to inform you that one full fellowship will be offered to one participant duly authorized by the respective ITU Administration from eligible member states of the Asia-Pacific Region, subject to available budget for full participation at the Roundtable and the ITP as the case may be. The deadline for fellowship applications is 30 July 2019.

Mr. Sameer Sharma of the ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (telephone: +66 2 575 0055, email: and Ms. Porntip Modethes (email: are at the disposal of participants who require assistance for the Regulators' Roundtable.


08:30–09:30: Registration 

09:30–09:45:  Welcome Remarks 

09:45–10:00:  Opening Remarks: General Sukit Khamasundara, Chairman, NBTC

10:00- 10:15:   Keynote Address:  

Mr. Sameer Sharma, Senior Advisor, ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Mr. Takorn Tantasith, Secretary General, NBTC


10:30 – 12:00: SESSI​ON 1:  Accelerating Digital Transformation: Enablers for Digital Economy

Session Moderator:  Mr. Leong Keng Thai, Deputy Chief Executive of IMDA, Singapore [Bio]

This session aims to help regulators and policymakers better understand the digital transformation that is taking place and create a policy environment that enables their economies and societies to prosper in a world that is increasingly digital and data-driven. The session will discuss:

What is Digital Transformation: Role in Digital Economy?
Core challenges in digital transformation
Smart Cities : Opportunities for cross sectoral collaboration and investment
Key enablers for Digital Transformation

Session Interveners:
Mr. Ilyas Ahmad, Chief Executive, Communications Authority of Maldives [Bio]
Mr. Jigme Wangdi, Director, Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (BICMA), Bhutan [Bio] [Presentation]

Open Discussion and Wrap Up

12:00 -13:30: Lunch Break

13:30–15:00: Session 2: Addressing the Barriers for Development of Digital Connectivity 

Session Moderator: Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta, Secretary, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India [Bio

The Session aims to cover the following:
What comprises digital connectivity?
Current barriers in developing digital connectivity and relevant policy / regulatory enablers?
What tools to enhance affordable ICTs for SDGs? (international/national connectivity and strategies to leverage financing for ICTs across the sectors,  models to Bridge the digital / broadband divide )
How to leverage emerging technologies
Investment opportunities for private sector with incentive regulatory approach
UAS 2.0

​While Paper “Digital Infrastructure Policy and Regulation in Asia-Pacific Region"
Mr. Sameer Sharma, Senior Advisor, ITU [Presentation​]

Session Interveners:
Mr. Vutha Im, Member, Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia [Bio] [Presentation​]
Mr. Rolly Purnomo, Commissioner Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (BRTI), Indonesia [Bio] [Presentation]

Open Discussion and Wrap Up 

15:00 -15:30: Coffee Break

15:30–17:00: Session 3: Setting out a Vision for 5G in Asia: Roadmaps and Pathways to a Fully Connected Future – Industry-Regulator Dialogue

This interactive debate will see panellists share their views on the current state of mobile networks in the Asia-Pacific region and prospects for the future including 5G development and IoT deployments. The objective is to discuss a collaborative vision for ICT development in the region by focusing on key issues to be addressed in the coming years.

Session Moderator:  Mr. Notachard Chintakanond, Acting Executive Director, International Affairs Bureau, NBTC, Thailand [Bio]

The Session will examine and debate on:
The future of 4G networks, and technical considerations for 5G network development in the coming years
Policy and regulatory frameworks that will enable the development of 5G and related technologies
The intersection of 5G, IoT, and AI and implications for Asia- Pacific
Operator business models and use cases that will support 5G development and IoT
Promotion of innovation and growth

Session Interveners:   

Mr. Soe Naing, Deputy Director General, Posts and Telecommunications Department,  Myanmar [Bio]  [Presentation​]

Mr. Xiao Lin, Director,  Mini​stry of Industry and Information Technology, China [Bio] [Presentation]

Mr. Håkon Bruaset Kjøl​, Senior Vice President, Telenor Group [Bio] [Presentation]

Mr. Mike MacDonald, Chief Digital Officer and Executive Co​nsultant, Huawei [Bio] [Presentation​]

Open Discussion and Wrap Up​


09:00-10:30:  SESSION 4 :  5th Generation of Regulation

Session Moderator:  Ms. Sofie Maddens, Head of Regulatory & Market Environment Division, ITU  [Bio]

The session will explore and exchange views and experiences on:
Generation 5 of Regulation – what does this mean in practice?
Digital Economy : Need for collaborative regulation
ICT4SDG : Regulator as partner for achieving SDGs
Roadmap for successive progression to 5th generation of regulation

Session Interveners:  ​

Mr. H. Pradeep Rao, Member, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), India [Bio]

Mr. John Jack, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Prime Minister Office, Vanuatu [Bio​​] [Presentation]

10:30-11:00   TEA / COFFEE BREAK 

11:00- 12:30:  SESSION 5:  Protecting Consumer Interests in Digital Era

Moderator: Mr. Ilyas Ahmed, Chief Executive, Communications Authority of Maldives (CAM) Maldives

This interactive debate will see panelists share their views on how to protect interests of consumer and enhance their trust is use of digital services using various digital platforms:

Are there sufficient consumer protection safeguards?
Challenge of privacy and data protection
Is Quality of Service still a major issue in data driven world?
Inclusive regulatory approaches : safeguarding interests of women, children and persons with disabilities

Session Interveners:  

 Mr. Leong Keng Thai, Deputy Chief Executive,  InfoComm Media Development of Singapore (IMDA), Singapore [Bio]​ [Presentation​]

Mr. Takuro Akinaga, Chief Executive, Telecommunication Regulation Authority, Micronesia (FSM) [​Bio​] [Presentation]

Open Discussion and Wrap Up 

12:30- 14:00: LUNCH

14:00- 15:30:  SESSION 6:  Innovative regulatory policies for promoting affordable access and encouraging investment

Session Moderator: Mr. H. Pradeep Rao, Member, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), India [Bio]

The session will explore and exchange views and experiences on:
Need for innovative regulatory policies
Role of agile regulation : Regulator as industry partner
Incentive based regulations
Promoting affordable access : Technology neutrality, spectrum / Infrastructure sharing, community networks

Session Interveners:

Mr. Sibghatullah Hamid, Legal Advisor of ATRA Board and Acting Director for Legal and Licensing Division, Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA), Afghanistan [Bio] [Presentation]

Mr. John Jack, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Prime Minister's Office , Government of the Republic of Vanuatu [Bio] [Presentation]

Open Discussion and Wrap Up

15:30- 16:00:  COFFEE BREAK 

16:00- 16:30: SESSION 7:WAY FORWARD

Session Moderator:  Mr. Sameer Sharma, Senior Advisor, ITU

This session will brainstorm on the key ideas and outcomes that have emerged through knowledge/experience sharing in previous Sessions and examine the principles, practices and recommendations that will assist regulators in the Asia-Pacific region in addressing the telecommunication/ICT regulatory challenges. 

​Session Interveners:

Ms. Aulia A. Ramadhani, Head of Sub-division of PITI, AI and PIC Multilatera​l Affairs, Center of International Affairs, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Republic of Indonesia [Bio] [Presentation]

Mr. Muhammad Shafique, Director (Enforcement), Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Pakistan [​Bio] [Presentation]

Mr. Sereedorji Dashzeveg, Vice-Chairman, Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia

Open Discussion and Wrap Up

​16:30-17:00: CLOSING SESSION

    • Mr. Sameer Sharma, Senior Advisor, ITU
    • Mr. Takorn Tantasith, Secretary General, NBTC


​0900-1030 Opening Session

Welcome address

Opening Address

Mr. Sameer Sharma, Senior Advisor, ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific [Speech​]

Keynote address: Mr. Notachard Chintakanond, Acting Executuve Director, International Affairs Bureau, NBTC​

1030-1100 Tea / Coffee break

1100-1230: ICT Development trends and approaches for Thailand 4.0              

ICT Development, Technology Trends, Innovation and Cross Sectoral Collaboration  Mr. Sameer Sharma, Senior Advisor, ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific​ [Bio] [Presentation]

1230-1400 Lunch​

1400-1530 Broadcasting Strategies and Implementation

Broadcasting Master Plan, Licensing Broadcasting Sector, Licensing for data services, Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting (DTTB)​

Mr. Pasu Srihirun, Broadcasting Policy and Research Bureau; ​ [Bio] [Presentation]

Miss Orasri  Srirasa, Digital Broadcasting Bureau ​ [Bio] [Presentation​]

1530-1600 Tea / Coffee break

1600-1700 Telecommunications Licensing Regime: Licensing of Telecom Sector, Streamlining licensing framework and Technology / service neutral licensing, Spectrum Auction Methodology

Miss Pitchayanuch Chalacheva ​ [Bio] [Presentation]

Mr. Pojchara  Chuarrot, Facilities-based Telecommunications Business Licensing Bureau; ​ [Bio] [Presentation]

Miss Sangnapa Rangkasiri, Service-based Telecommunications Business Licensing Bureau ​ [Bio] [Presentation​]


0900 - 1015 Building Trust in Digital World 

Building trust in use of ICT Services, ITU CGI and Child Online Protection

Mr. Sameer Sharma, ITU [Bio] [Presentation]

Industry initiatives in building trust in Digital World

Ms. Kari Laumann, Director Privacy Asia, Telenor [Bio] [Presentation​]

1015-1030 Tea / Coffee break

1100-1230: ​Spectrum Planning and Management and Emerging Technologies & Regulatory Issues 

Bands for IMT 2020, Digital Dividend & Spectrum re-farming and methodologies

5G Test Bed in Thailand, IoT Technologies and use cases, Satellite, HAPS, community networks

Spectrum Pricing and Management

Mr. Nattawut  Ard-Paru, Spectrum Management Bureau [Bio] [Presentation​]

1230-1400 Lunch

1400 - 1530 Addressing Illegal, Counterfeit and Stolen Devices

Policy, Regulations and Technical Solution Implementation

Public Consultation & Standard Operating Procedures

Device Status Verification

Technology, System/Platform Deployment

Mr. Michael Milligan,Secretary General, Mobile & Wireless Forum [Bio] [Presentation​]

Mr. Recep Esler, Qualcomm [Bio] [Presentation​]

Closing Ceremony (16:00 – 16:30)

Mr. Notachard Chintakanond, Mr. Notachard Chintakanond, Acting Executuve Director, International Affairs Bureau, NBTC

Mr. Sameer Sharma, Senior Advisor, ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific


​0900-1030: Collaborative Regulation 

Regulatory Trends, Generations of Regulation, ICT Regulatory Tracker, GSR Best Practices Guidelines, Ms. Sofie Maddens, ITU [Bio] [Presentation​​]

1030-1100 Tea / Coffee break

1100-1230: Consumer Protection 

Emerging issues for consumers for online services

Protecting consumers in telecom and broadcasting Sector

Miss Kanokpan Yanpirat, Telecommunications Consumers Protection Bureau [Bio] [Presentation]

Mr. Tri  Bunchua, Broadcasting Consumer Protection Bureau [Bio] [Presentation]

Quality of Service

Quality of Service Monitoring in Thailand, QoS, Privacy and security​  

Mr. Artprecha Rugsachart, Telecommunucations Standard and Technology Bureau, NBTC  [Bio] [Presentation]

1230-1400 Lunch

1400-1530 Telecommunications Strategies 

Universal Service 2.0, Mr. Withee  Pharnichwong, Universal Services Bureau [Bio] [Presentation​]

​Telecommunications Master Plan, Ms Yuwadee Onko​sit, Telecommunications Policy and Resources Management Bureau, NBTC [Bio] [Presentation​]

1530-1600 Tea / Coffee break

1600-1700 Telecommunications Strategies and Infrastructure Sharing

Telecom Infrastructure in Thailand, Role of Infrastructure sharing in Thailand 4.0, International best practices in telecom infrastructure sharing 

Miss Sujida Poonmaksatit [Bio] [Presentation]

Mr. Kanin Nitiwong, Telecommunications Access Bureau, NBTC [Bio] [Presentation]