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New Releases 
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BR International Frequency Information Circular (BR IFIC) - Terrestrial Services

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The BR International Frequency Information Circular (BR IFIC) Terrestrial Services is a consolidated regulatory publication issued once every two weeks by the Radiocommunication Bureau, pursuant to the Radio Regulations (Nos. 20.1 to 20.6 and No. 20.15) and various regional agreements. It contains information on the frequency assignments/allotments submitted by administrations to the Radiocommunication Bureau for recording in the Master International Frequency Register and in the various regional or worldwide Plans.The information published corresponds to the recorded assignments/allotments as well as the notifications in process. The BR IFIC may be consulted directly from the DVD-ROM without installing the data and software (some 7 GB). The BR IFIC contains the query software TerRaQ, the program TerRaNotices for creation and validation of electronic notices, and the Preface in PDF format. The BR IFIC (Space Services) DVD-ROM is published at the same time.

For ISO copy access, each Administration and each paying subscriber has been invited to assign one (1) designated user, per DVD subscription, for free online access. Otherwise, online access to the ISO copy of each DVD is available for separate purchase. Please see the current "Publication Notice" (below) for more information on annual subscriptions.

Editions are listed by year of issue. For earlier editions (2022 and prior) you will need to click on the year required, either on the previous page or below. Contact us via email if any concerns.

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