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Conditions of sale

​​​The ITU is the leading publisher of telecommunication technology, regulatory and standard information. Over 4'500 titles in printed form and growing  number on CD-ROM, DVD and Online.

General Conditions of Sales


The prices quoted in the ITU Catalogue of Publications, (visible on the ITU website at the following address: /publications), are in Swiss francs (CHF) and are subject to change without notice.

Discounts of 15% are granted to Member States and all level of sector m​embers participating in the work of ITU. A discount of 80% of the catalogue price on all ITU publications is granted to Member State Administrations of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), as well as to libraries of educational institutions (for online subscriptions and CD-ROM/DVD-ROM publications only).

Catalogue prices of electronic publications (on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and online) are given for single users. For corporations and institutions, multi-user licences are granted taking into account the number of authorized users. Please refer to the corresponding Publication Notices on the Web. For a higher number of authorized users, the price multiplier is available on request. Please note that the minimum price for a publication bought from the Electronic Bookshop is twenty Swiss francs (CHF 20.–) and that there is no discount when using this service.


Methods of payment

All publications ordered from ITU must be paid for in advance. Payments can be made:

a) by credit card: American Express, Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa;
b) by bank transfer to the UBS SA, Geneva, Account ITU Geneva,
    IBAN: CH 96 0024 0240 C876 5565 0
    Clearing No. 240
c) by cheque made payable to the Secretary General of ITU;
d) by international postal order;
e) to the ITU postal cheque account: ITU Geneva, No. 12-50-3 (from within Switzerland);
f) by UNESCO coupon.

Payments normally should be made in Swiss francs (CHF). Payments may also be made in other currencies freely convertible into CHF, provided that, when converted by the bank, the price of the service in CHF is covered. ITU does not accept letters of credit.

For faster order processing, we invite you to either pre-pay by credit card or take advantage of a new service by opening an ITU deposit account. 


Forms of dispatch

The catalogue price includes the cost of dispatch by non-registered economy-class mail or the means of carriage most advantageous to ITU. Dispatch can be requested in other forms: i.e. airmail, DHL, Federal Express, TNT, Freight or diplomatic pouch. If one of these alternative methods is chosen, the dispatch cost will be added to the quote. The client may choose to provide the ITU with his own valid Fedex/DHL/TNT account number for shipping at his expense. If a freight forwarder is designated by the client, this client assumes all transport charges. The costs of shipping via registered mail have been added to the economy-class costs. You may, if you wish, refuse these conditions but, in this case, ITU will not be held responsible for the replacement of any undelivered orders dispatched by mail that has not been registered. Customs duties and other taxes or dues levied on imported goods are not borne by ITU. ITU accepts no responsibility for delay, loss or damage in shipment. Any claim must be made as quickly as possible, and at the latest within six months of dispatch of the publication(s).


Return of publications

Where a publication found to be faulty is returned to ITU, the latter’s responsibility shall be limited to replacement of the publication and payment of the costs arising from such replacement. Any publication returned to ITU as unwanted must reach it within one (1) month from the date of its dispatch to the customer, subject to ITU’s prior agreement. A minimum charge of fifty Swiss francs (CHF 50.–) will normally be invoiced to the customer by ITU for return of the publication to stock.

No exchange or refund is available for purchases made directly at the ITU Bookshop. In the case of electronic publications (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and online), these general conditions shall apply, subject to the specific derogation provisions contained in the Licence Agreements. The placing of an order implies full acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

None of the provisions of these general conditions of sale shall be interpreted as constituting a derogation or renunciation of the privileges, immunities and facilities enjoyed by ITU in accordance with the international agreement applicable to it, in particular the Headquarters Agreement concluded with the Swiss Federal Council on 22 July 1971, as well as the Swiss law or any other relevant national legislation.

Please note that orders cannot be taken over the telephone.
They should be sent by telefax or electronic writing.


Our Address


Please contact the ITU Sales and Marketing Division for any further information concerning prices, availability or purchase:

International Telecommunication Union
Sales and Marketing Division
Place des Nations
CH -1211 Geneva 20


 Telephone : +41 22 730 6141 (English)
 Telephone : +41 22 730 6142 (French)
 Telephone : +41 22 730 6143 (Spanish)

 Telefax : +41 22 730 5194
 Telegram : ITU GENEVE

 E-mail: sales @


The bookshop is open at the ITU headquarters (Tower Building) in Geneva
from 08 h 30 to 12 h 00 and from 13 h 30 to 17 h 00, Monday to Friday.