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The following titles have proven to be among the most popular ITU publications over the past few months for our clients world-wide. Click on any title to obtain more information on the price, contents and language/format availability. Then either add to your cart, or view the associated Publication Notice for added information.

Radio Regulations
The Radio Regulations contains the complete texts as adopted by the World Radiocommunication Conference (Geneva, 1995) (WRC-95) and subsequently revised and adopted by World Radiocommunication Conferences, including all Appendices, Resolutions, Recommendations and ITU-R Recommendations incorporated by reference.

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The Radio Regulations, Edition of 2020, contains the complete texts of the Radio Regulations adopted by the World Radiocommunication Conference of 1995 (WRC-95) and reviewed by the subsequent World Radiocommunication Conferences: WRC-97 (Geneva, 1997), WRC-2000 (Istanbul, 2000), WRC-03 (Geneva, 2003), WRC-07 (Geneva, 2007), WRC-12 (Geneva, 2012), WRC-15 (Geneva, 2015) and WRC-19 (Sharm el-Sheik, 2019).

As per a 2013 Council decision, the pdf versions, not qualifying as carriage requirements, are now posted free of charge for personal use and can be accessed either below, directly, or via MyITU. Hard-copies or DVDs, both now available. Orders can be made below and include free world-wide delivery.

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Other editions:   2016   Edition of 2008  
Global ICT Regulatory Outlook 2020 - Pointing the way forward to collaborative regulation
2020  New!  

The Global ICT Regulatory Outlook (GIRO) series lays out a broad canvas of how regulation and digital markets are interacting - and advocates for collaborative regulatory reform in delivering meaningful connectivity and inclusive digital markets. The report is both dense, offering deep-dive detail, and high-level - pointing up the headline trends, challenges and opportunities for regulators as ICT broadens out to touch all civic, professional and personal aspects of our lives within the phenomenon we call the digital global economy. In this year's 2020 edition, we share unique, focused research and offer both evidence and practical advice to support regulators embarked on their journey to fifth generation collaborative regulation. The Benchmark of Fifth Generation Collaborative Regulation (G5 Benchmark), based on GSR19 Best Practice Guidelines together with the ICT Regulatory Tracker, serves as a compass for regulators on their journey of digital transformation, helping establish roadmaps towards regulatory excellence and a thriving digital economy. Importantly, this year we revisit golden rules for inclusive digital markets based on a wealth of ITU data from 193 countries over more than a decade. Our research and analysis confirm that good regulation makes a difference - and provides the key to unlocking meaningful, inclusive connectivity across countries at different levels of development and national income. Working with those updated golden rules, we offer a regulatory recipe for accelerated take-up of fixed and mobile broadband markets.
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Other editions:   2018   2017  
Yearbook of Statistics - Telecommunication/ICT Indicators - 2009-2018
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This is the 45th and final edition of the Yearbook of Statistics. The data included in the Yearbook was collected and processed by the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) from replies received to ITU questionnaires sent to telecommunication ministries or regulators and national statistics offices. As such, the ITU Yearbook of Statistics provided the most authoritative source of data about the evolution of the telecommunication sector, the availability of ICTs in households and usage of ICTs by individuals.

As per Council 2017, the pdf version is available free of charge to Member States from a protected link via secured Member States TIES access. For more information, please contact ITU Sales.

As from 2020, the country-by-country pages formerly found in the Yearbook of Statistics will be found exclusively as part of the complete World Telecommunications/ICT Indicators Database, and no longer compiled separately. Yearbook of Statistics 2019 was the final edition in the series.

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Other editions:   2018   2017   2016   2015   2014   2013   2012   2011   2010   2009   34th Edition, 2008   33rd Edition, 2007   32nd Edition, 2006   31st Edition, 2005   30th edition, 2004   29th edition, 2003  
Digital Regulation Handbook

This handbook serves as an essential guide to assist regulatory authorities and policy-makers in deciding on appropriate digital regulations, and evaluating the effectiveness of those regulations. Co-published as a collaboration between The World Bank and ITU, it provides online resources and analysis to assist ICT regulatory authorities worldwide to build capacity regarding topical regulatory issues and best practices related to the digital economy.
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Other editions:   2011 - Tenth Anniversary Edition  
Manual for Use by the Maritime Mobile and Maritime Mobile-Satellite Services (Maritime Manual)

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The Manual for Use by the Maritime Mobile and Maritime Mobile-Satellite Services is published in accordance with Article 20 (No. 20.14) of the Radio Regulations and results from studies carried out in the ITU-R since 2008. Volume 1 provides descriptive text of the organization and operation of the GMDSS and other maritime operational procedures, while Volume 2 contains the extracts of the regulatory texts associated with maritime operations.

2020 edition now available in CD or paper formats. Advanced English-only CDs exceptionally without the ITU hologram. Multi-lingual CDs include the ITU hologram on the back cover of the CD jacket. Each purchased copy should be registered by the end-user with a quick scan of the QR code on the jacket's back cover.

Paper editions in each of the 6 officiial ITU languages now also available.

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Other editions:   2016