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ITU Publications : Standardization (ITU-T)

 Individual ITU-T Recommendations

A  Organization of the work of ITU-T
B  Means of expression: definitions, symbols, classification
C  General telecommunication statistics
D  General tariff principles
E  Overall network operation, telephone service, service operation and human factors
F  Non-telephone telecommunication services
G  Transmission systems and media, digital systems and networks
H  Audiovisual and multimedia systems
I  Integrated services digital network
J  Cable networks and transmission of television, sound programme and other multimedia signals
K  Protection against interference
L  Construction, installation and protection of cables and other elements of outside plant
M  TMN and network maintenance: international transmission systems, telephone circuits, telegraphy, facsimile and leased circuits


N  Maintenance: international sound programme and television transmission circuits
O  Specifications of measuring equipment
P  Terminals and subjective and objective assessment methods
Q  Switching and signalling
R  Telegraph transmission
S  Telegraph services terminal equipment
T  Terminals for telematic services
U  Telegraph switching
V  Data communication over the telephone network
X  Data networks and open system communications
Y  Global information infrastructure and Internet protocol aspects
Z  Languages and general software aspects for telecommunication systems


 Other ITU Publications from the Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T)


ITU-T Recommendations and selected Handbooks - DVD-ROM
2016   Publication Notice with Order Form

The enhanced DVD provides vastly improved search tools, including a detailed search-by-content that covers all ITU-T Recommendations in force. Recommendations not yet available in their final edited format are included in their provisional pre-published form. A wide range of electronic attachments are also included and or referenced for direct-download from the ITU website. The DVD also includes a searchable collection of selected Handbooks developed by the ITU Telecommunication Sector in fields such as mitigation measures for telecommunication installations and their protection against electromagnetic effects, formal languages, outside plant, network security, quality of service and network planning. This quarterly DVD was available either individually or through a yearly subscription that covers four editions at a discounted rate, now replaced by USB Key.

Please see future editions under USB Key here

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Other editions:   2015  
World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly Proceedings
Hammamet, 2016  New!   Publication Notice with Order Form

The Proceedings contain Resolutions (Rules of Procedure of ITU-T; study group responsibility and mandates; publication of ITU-T Recommendations and WTSA proceedings, etc.), ITU-T A-series Recommendations (Organization of the work of ITU-T), study groups and other groups, the list of questions for the study period 2017-2020 and reports as approved by WTSA-2016.
Available inCD/DVD   paper   electronic file
Other editions:   Dubai, 2012   Johannesburg, 2008   Florianópolis, 2004  
Florianópolis, 2004  

Book 2 contains the reports of the Assembly, the list of participants and the list of documents.
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Mitigation measures for telecommunication installations
2008   Publication Notice with Order Form

This Handbook describes case studies, supplied by ITU-T Study Group 5 members, of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) interference problems that have affected telecommunication systems related to emission and immunity, overvoltage and overcurrent, and the solutions to such problems. This handbook also indicates typical sources of interference as well as the solutions that can be used to restore correct service to the system or to avoid any such problems before they manifest themselves. Whilst this handbook does not cover measurement methods or how to measure emissions, overvoltage or overcurrent, as these are covered within other ITU-T Recommendations, it does, through the case studies, suggest how to detect certain problems. The electronic version of part 2 is free of charge.
Available inpaper   electronic file
Other editions:   2008   2004  
Earthing and Bonding
2003   Publication Notice with Order Form

This ITU-T Handbook on Earthing and Bonding is for use by engineers designing telecommunication systems, especially those concerned with applying protective measures. It aims to give the user a background to various terms used within the telecommunication and power industry regarding earthing and bonding of equipment and structures (Chapter 1) in various parts of the world. The concepts of earthing and bonding are described (Chapter 2) together with how to implement such methods (Chapters 3 and 4), detailing why these are necessary and what the results may be if they are not performed correctly. The final section of the handbook shows how to evaluate and maintain the effectiveness/quality of the earthing systems and bonding networks thus created.
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