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ITU marks 70 years of television standards work
20 November 2019
- World TV Day highlights convergence of new digital technologies in broadcast and Internet services for affordable global footprint
ITU World Radiocommunication Conference adopts new regulatory procedures for non-geostationary satellites
20 November 2019
- Multiple satellite mega-constellations in low-Earth orbit to provide extensive global telecommunications coverage
Declaration on Promoting Gender Equality, Equity and Parity in the ITU Radiocommunication Sector
19 November 2019
- World Radiocommunication Conference recognizes need to accelerate efforts
ITU World Radiocommunication Conference wraps up
18 November 2019
- Press conference on agreements on future communication technologies
ITU devising ‘Driving Test’ for the AI ‘Drivers’ in control of automated vehicles
06 November 2019
- New ITU Focus Group to propose a Turing Test for AI on our roads

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