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Resources on ICT/digital accessibility

ITU-Accessibility Resources

ITU’s Development Sector (BDT) work in ICT accessibility supports the advancement of the global disability-inclusive agenda and the development of inclusive digital communities. It does this through raising awareness, building capacity, and providing policy and strategy advice to ITU members. BDT is also facilitating joint working platforms such as Study Groups and regional “Accessible– ICT for ALL” knowledge development forums enabling stakeholders to share good practices and engaging in national and regional digital accessibility implementation. The goal of ITU Member States is to guarantee that all their citizens can benefit from digital information, products and services equally and equitably. Therefore, BDT is supporting members’ efforts in mainstreaming digital accessibility to ensure full and effective participation of everyone in the digital economy and also by developing and making freely available the resources indicated below.

Additional guidelines and standards

Online self-paced training

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Other training

  • ITU-D Video Tutorial on ICT/digital accessibility - The key to achieving a digitally inclusive world. Available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish
  • ITU-D Video Tutorial on Beyond smart cities = "Smart for all": Towards building inclusive and digitally accessible environments and communities to meet the needs of present and future generations. Available in English; French and Spanish (see also online self-paced training available)
  • ITU-D Video Tutorial on "Towards building inclusive digital communities": ITU toolkit and self-assessment for ICT accessibility implementation. Available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish
  • ITU-D Video Tutorial of ITU-D Study Group on Question 7/1 on inclusive connectivity. Available in English
  • ITU-D Video Tutorial on "How to ensure inclusive digital communication during crises and emergency situations". Available in English, French and Spanish​(see also online self-paced training available)
  • ITU-D Video Tutorials on ​ITU-D Creation and remediat​ion of accessible digital contents​ . Available in English, French and Spanish

Accessible Europe

Accessible Americas

Accessible Arab

Study Groups

WSIS Forums

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Archived resources on ICT accessibility can be found here