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ITU-ILO Accessibility of Online Job Application and Recruitment Systems

Accessibility of Online Job Application and Recruitment Systems is an ITU-ILO project that intends to create awareness on the solutions and tools available to remove accessibility barriers and create equal opportunities for inclusive talent attraction and retention by exposing the accessibility barriers in e-recruitment that prevent qualified applicants, including persons with disabilities, to connect with job opportunities.

This joint project is a contribution to the achievement of indicators on accessibility and employment under the United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy (UNDIS)

ITU - ILO c​​o​mmitment

Committed to support the development of inclusive digital societies, ITU and ILO strive to​ guidance and strengthen the capacity of decision makers from public and private sector, UN agencies and other stakeholders to ensure disability inclusion throughout the online recruitment process.


Orga​​nizations seeking to hire new talent are increasingly placing their job advertisements online and frequently require applications to be submitted online. 

​However, one of the many barriers that persons with disabilities face in accessing employment opportunities is that many online job application and recruitment systems do not contain accessible digital content and have not been designed and developed with ICT accessibility requirements in mind, therefore creating barriers for persons with disabilities to apply for jobs in conditions of equality.

Removing such obstacles throughout the recruitment process will enable persons with disabilities to compete for jobs in conditions of equality, whilst giving employers access to a larger talent pool and enhancing their chances of attracting the best candidates. ​​​

Interactive Guidebook

The Guidebook on accessibility of online job application and recruitment systems​ shares recommendations to improve the accessibility and usability of online job application platforms, as well as practical steps and good practices to follow when recruiting persons with disabilities​.

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