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Video-Tutorials on the creation of accessible digital documents

​​​​​​​​Why the digital content /information should be accessible to PwD?

Because non-accessible content as well as non-accessible websites are barriers to the digital inclusion and decrease the participation as well as the social and economic development of persons with disabilities (PwD) in our digital world. ​

How to warrant that the digital content/information is accessible to PwD?

Embedded in computers' software, smartphones or tablets, accessibility functionalities facilitate the use of the device. We have to ensure that in addition to the accessible website structure, the digital content/information is also posted in an accessible format. ​

What is an accessible digital content/information?

An accessible digital content is a publication/information, which offers the maximum flexibility to users and allows its content to be accessed and manipulated easily by users with or without disabilities.

What and how to do in concrete to create accessible digital content?

These tutorials have been created with the objective of teaching the accessibility criteria and providing related recommendations for generating documents in any Office format or PDF. At the end of these tutorials learners will know not only how to create accessible documents but specifically how to ensure accessibility in Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF formats.