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ITU-D study groups – Webinar series on COVID-19

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 ITU-D study group Questions July 2020, online

​ITU-D Study Groups were pleased to invite you to join us for a series of web dialogues that aim to share an analysis of the response to the global COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of specific ITU-D study group Questions.
The web dialogues will focus on ways to leverage on specific ICT aspects amid the current COVID-19 crisis to ensure business continuity, contribute towards social goals and enable fair innovation opportunities. The speakers will highlight use cases designed by public institutions and private players in response to connectivity challenges and needs of all kind that have emerged amid the crisis. An open discussion with all participants will explore the related challenges, opportunities and lessons learned. The insights and findings gathered through the web dialogues and will feed into the final output reports of relevant ITU-D study group Questions.

The dialogues are particularly relevant for those working in government services responsible for digital technologies, ICT regulators and digital innovation enthusiasts.

​​​​Please make sure to register ahead of time using your ITU User account credentials (i.e. username and pa​ssword, ​old TIES accounts also valid). A new ITU User account may be created by following the usual steps. Connection information is sent to participants upon registration.​