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Compendium of Cable Measurement Methods

Compendium of Cable Measurement Methods
Year: 1984
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"The CCITT found it necessary to produce a ""Cable Measurement Compendium"" in order to facilitate work in the CCITT itself and relations between Administrations and manufacturers. Work on the Compendium started during the study period 1976-1980 and was completed with large-scale international collaboration during the study period 1981-1984. It was decided to include only methods for measuring transmission parameters and to identify the main bibliographical sources at the end of each chapter (there being one chapter for each parameter), to enable users of the Compendium to research each subject in greater detail as required. The Compendium as it stands should prove most useful to Administrations and manufacturers and become the reference work in this particular field. " (Hard copies in English, French, Spanish are out of print).

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