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Direction of Traffic: Trading Telecom Minutes
3rd edition, 1999  

"This report examines traffic trends; the transition of the international telecommunications environment and its move towards cost-orientation; cost and price trends; developing country concerns; transit traffic and profits and losses. " The third edition of the authoritative ITU/TeleGeography Inc. "Direction of Traffic" publication focuses on the transition in international telecommunication traffic away from the bilateral regime, based on accounting rates, to a new, multilateral, trade-based regime. Specifically, the report looks at the impact that the changing telecommunication environment will have on developing countries.
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World Telecommunication Policy Forum IP Telephony

This CD-ROM, prepared for the World Telecommunication Policy Forum (WTPF-2001) on IP Telephony, held from 7 to 9 March 2001, contains all the background documents relevant to that meeting, including the Secretary-General's report, comments and contributions from the membership, as well as a series of country case studies, each of about 40-50 pages, covering either IP Telephony (Canada, China, Colombia, Korea (Rep.), Peru and Thailand) or Internet diffusion (Bolivia, Egypt, Hungary, Nepal, Singapore and Uganda).
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