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Issue 2

Volume 4 (2023), Issue 2
Status: Concluded
 Issue 2 - Editorial
Volume 4 (2023), Issue 2

Reflection loss-based roadway water depth measurement for driver safety
Yi Geng, Ting Zeng
Volume 4 (2023), Issue 2, Pages 389-396

A Kubernetes dataset for misuse detection
Yigit Sever, Adnan Harun Dogan
Volume 4 (2023), Issue 2, Pages 383-388

AI-driven container security approaches for 5G and beyond: A survey
Ilter Taha Aktolga, Elif Sena Kuru, Yigit Sever, Pelin Angin
Volume 4 (2023), Issue 2, Pages 364-382

Open-source emulation-based test environment to settle O-RAN-compliant trials
Ramon Fontes, Allan Martins, Vicente Sousa, Kaio Dantas, Lucas Medeiros, Pedro Alves, Marcelo Fernandes, Iago Rego, Eduardo Aranha, Vinícius Filho, Mateus Goldbarg, Wysterlanya Barros, Roger Immich, Augusto V. Neto
Volume 4 (2023), Issue 2, Pages 350-363

Self-organized and fully service-automated monitoring approach at the cloud-network slice granularity
Kevin B. Costa, Felipe S. Dantas Silva, Douglas B. Maciel, Charles H. F. Santos, Augusto J. V. Neto, Fabio L. Verdi
Volume 4 (2023), Issue 2, Pages 325-349

Orchestrating distributed 5G edges for automotive cross-border trials: Validation of an experimental prototype
Nina Slamnik-Krijestorac, Mauro Femminella, Girma M. Yilma, Marco Liebsch, Gianluca Reali, Johann M. Marquez-Barja
Volume 4 (2023), Issue 2, Pages 306-324

Advanced data analytics using three-stage intelligent model pipelining for containerized microservices in 5G networks and beyond
Takaya Miyazawa, Ved P. Kafle, Yusuke Yokota, Yasushi Naruse, Hitoshi Asaeda
Volume 4 (2023), Issue 2, Pages 285-305

Exploring the potential of dynamic quality of service cloud-based network slicing in 5G and next generation virtualized networks: A simulation-based study
Poovendren Govender, Kingsley A. Ogudo, Chabalala Chabalala
Volume 4 (2023), Issue 2, Pages 269-284

Towards autonomous open radio access networks
Adrian Kliks, Marcin Dryjanski, Vishnu Ram, Leon Wong, Paul Harvey
Volume 4 (2023), Issue 2, Pages 251-268