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Maritime Mobile Access and Retrieval System (MARS)

Maritime Mobile Access and Retrieval System (MARS)

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MARS is a free of charge, remote online access and retrieval system that allows users to consult the information currently registered in the ITU’s maritime database system.

Using specific search criteria, users may retrieve the station particulars of all ITU registered ship and coast stations, addresses and contact information of Accounting Authorities (AAICs) and notifying Administrations.

For Search And Rescue (SAR) activities, MARS provides the relevant data including information such as the emergency contact person(s) ashore (names, addresses, telephone and Telefax numbers) as well as alternative 24-hour emergency telephone numbers (note: Due to the confidentiality of certain information, access may be restricted to Administrations and Rescue Coordination Centers).

It is updated weekly and is available on a 24-hours per day and 7-days per week basis on ITU's website at:

Forms to notify information to the corresponding maritime database, letters circulated by the Radiocommunication Bureau concerning maritime issues, as well as the allocation tables in accordance with the Radio Regulations (e.g. MIDs, Call Sign Series, etc.) are also provided on this website.