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Regulatory Publications

​​​​​​The legal framework of ITU comprises the basic instruments of the Union, which have treaty status and are binding on ITU Member States. These instruments are the Constitution and Convention of the International Telecommunication Union and the Administrative Regulations, which complement the Constitution and the Convention.

The Radio Regulations (RR) form an integral part of the Administrative Regulations.

The Rules of Procedure are approved by the Radio Regulations Board (RRB). They complement the RR by providing clarification of the application of particular Regulations or establishing the necessary practical procedures that may not be provided for in the current Regulatory Procedures

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  • Radio Regulations
    The Radio Regulations incorporates the decisions of the World Radiocommunication Conferences, including all Appendices, Resolutions, Recommendations and ITU-R Recommendations incorporated by reference.  The 2020 edition is now available for free download, with hard-copies and DVDs under production.
  • RR Navigation Tool .
    The ITU Radio Regulations Navigation Tool offers a pure PDF viewing solution, running on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, that enables users to navigate current editions of the Radio Regulations and Rules of Procedures, the cited but not incorporated Recommendations and the ITU Constitution and Convention.  The 2021 edition was released in October 2021.  Version 1.1 of the 2021 edition incorporates both 2020 RR and the most recent updates to the 2021 Rules of Procedure.
  • RR5 Table of Frequency Allocations 
    The ITU RR5 Table of Frequency Allocations Software (aka RR5 Software) is a stand-alone application that runs on individual user's PC and requires neither network nor Internet connection.   It provides a mechanism to electronically use, query and analyze the Table of Frequency Allocations and its associated footnotes, as they appear in the Article 5 of Radio Regulations. ​The 2020 version, launched in December 2020, incorporates Radio Regulations 2020​.  An updated edition with June 2021 launch incorporates Rules of Procedure 2021.


  • Rules of Procedure
    The Rules of Procedure were adopted by the Radio Regulations Board on the basis of proposals submitted by the Radiocommunication Bureau in accordance with No.95 of the Constitution and No. 168 of the Convention of the ITU.   New 2021 edition available in June 2021 (for free download or purchase of hard-copy/binder format).​


  • High Frequency Broadcasting Schedule
    This publication on CD-ROM contains the up-to-date High-Frequency Broadcasting Schedule notified to ITU and propagation data for interference analysis, together with the calculation software.  Now available free of charge.