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Collection of General Trends in Telecommunication Reform

Collection of General Trends in Telecommunication Reform
1998 - All volumes  

These volumes, which are published separately, are organized by region and contain key regulatory information for each ITU Member State in Africa (Vol. II), the Americas (Vol. III), the Arab States (Vol. IV), Asia-Pacific (Vol. V), and Europe (Vol. VI). The information is structured as follows: contact information for regulatory and policy-making bodies, legal instruments, regulatory issues, ownership of the incumbent operator, the degree of liberalization in various market segments, and future regulatory plans. Special discount of 20% for the entire package: Volumes I-VI or Volumes II-VI (paper format only). Article: E: 13064 Vol. I - VI Price: 372 CHF Article: E: 13067 Vol. II - VI Price: 297 CHF
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