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The impact of policies, regulation, and institutions on ICT sector performance

The impact of policies, regulation, and institutions on ICT sector performance
Year: 2021
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This study shows that ICT regulation has had a measurable impact on the growth of global ICT markets over the past decade. The analysis uses econometric modelling to pinpoint the impact of the regulatory and institutional frameworks on the performance of the ICT sector and its contribution to national economies. The modelling has allowed to capture fresh insights backed by authoritative data on the evolution of ICT regulation since 2007, the ICT Regulatory Tracker, and a global dataset on ICT markets economics.

The new analysis points to regulatory features that can have a multiplier effect on ICT markets and consumer benefits. For the mobile sector, open and collaborative regulatory policies appear to have a strong positive impact on investment. In turn, more investment triggers coverage gains and lower consumer prices, boosts ICT adoption and generates growth in national economies around two years after policy adoption.

Policy-makers are encouraged to use this study as an evidence base underpinned by a deeper understanding of the linkages between regulatory and institutional contexts and ICT market outcomes, and of which policies can lead markets, consumers, and economies out of the current crisis.

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