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The economic contribution of broadband, digitalization and ICT regulation

The economic contribution of broadband, digitalization and ICT regulation
Year: 2018
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Today's digital transformation is changing our economies at warp speed and scale. The ITU study on "The economic contribution of broadband, digitization and ICT regulation" examines this revolution from a data perspective. It quantifies the positive impact of broadband, digital transformation, and the interplay of ICT regulation on national economies thanks to a new-generation of mature econometric modelling techniques.

Importantly, the study builds on years of robust and reliable data resources to measure the impact of institutional and regulatory variables on the development of the digital ecosystem using top-tier data metrics on the digital ecosystem and the maturity of ICT regulatory frameworks, namely the Digital ecosystem development index and the ITU ICT regulatory tracker.

The study found evidence that broadband technologies and effective ICT regulation can have a positive impact on the growth of national economies and prosperity. The findings also provide a more refined picture of the effects of broadband on countries at a different stage of development. It further provides evidence of the importance of the regulatory and institutional variables in driving digital growth. More broadly, the study makes the case for wider adoption of digital technologies and digital policies across the globe, which will be instrumental in evidence-based decision-making across ITU Membership.

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