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World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database online

World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database online
Year: 2021
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The World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators database on USB Key and online contains time series data for the years 1960, 1965, 1970 and annually from 1975 to 2020 for more than 180 telecommunication/ICT statistics covering fixed-telephone networks, mobile-cellular telephone subscriptions, quality of service, Internet (including fixed- and mobile-broadband subscription data), traffic, staff, prices, revenue, investment and statistics on ICT access and use by households and individuals. Selected demographic, macroeconomic and broadcasting statistics are also included. Data for over 200 economies are available.

As per Council 2017, the current version of the database is available free of charge to Member States via an updated link and accessible with Member State TIES access only, not general TIES access. Otherwise, a reduced rate is provided when purchasing any two consecutive editions of the USB key. For more information, please contact ITU Sales.

In case of difficulties during the installation, post-purchase, please email with the error message encountered and the specific version of the operating system

While the July 2021 edition included preliminary 2020 statistics, the December edition includes more statistics from 2020, as collected from administrations. December edition available as of 3 February 2022.

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