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Chairs and Vice-Chairs for the Council Working Groups and the Expert Groups

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Circular letter CL-18/51 was inviting Member States to confirm current chairs and vice-chairs or to nominate new candidates for the roles of chair and vice-chair of the Council Working Groups (CWGs) and Expert Group,​ by 15 November 2018. The groups (see below) were confirmed by PP-18, and additionally, the Extraordinary Session of Council 2019, held on 16 November 2018, confirmed their respective Chairs; but no decision was taken regarding Vice-Chairs.

In this connection, CL-19/9 was sent on 12 March 2019, so to allow more time for possible new nomination or re-confirmation of Vice-Chairmen; and the definitive nomination of candidatures for Vice-Chairmanship will be confirmed by the 2019 Session of the Council.
In the meantime, below is the list of current Council working groups and Expert group, as well as the list of Chairs and Vice-Chairs​ and their current status: pending confirmation from their Member States [pending], re-confirmed by their Member States [confirmed], or newly proposed candidates [new]​.​ (last update: 18 June 2019)​​


Mr Majed Al Mazyed (Saudi Arabia)

Mr Silulami J. Doyi (South Africa)  ​[new]
Mr César Martinez
 (Paraguay) - ​Bio  [new]
Mr Abdulrahman Al Marzouqi
(United Arab Emirates) -Bio [confirmed]
Mr YGSC Kishore Babu (India) - ​ Bio  [confirmed]​ 
Mr Kamal Mammadov (Azerbaijan) Bi​​​o​​ [new]​ 
Mr Paul Blaker
(United Kingdom) - Bio  [confirmed]

CWG website

CWG-Child online protection

Mr Abdelaziz Al Zarooni (United Arab Emirates)

Ms Rachel Alwala ​(Kenya) ​ [new]​​
Ms Ellen Blackler (The Walt Disney Comp​​any - Sector Member)  [confirmed]
Sector Member (Odessa National Academy of Telecommuniations n.a.A.S.):
Ms Maha Z.Y. Mouasher (Jordan) -​- Bio [confirmed]
Ms Aysel Hadiyeva (Azerbaijan) Bi​​​o [new]​​
Mr Giorgio Tosi Beleffi (Italy) -  Bio  [confirmed]

CWG website


Mr Vladimir Minkin (Russian Federation)

Ms Janet Umutesi (Rwanda) - Bio​​  ​[Confirmed]
Mr Mario Canazza (Brazil) Bi​​​o​   [new]
Mr Mansour Al-Qurashi (Saudi Arabia)​  [confirmed]​
Mr Ahma​d Reza Sharafat (Islamic Rep. of Iran) - Bio [confirmed]
​Ms Aygun Ahmadova
(Azerbaijan) Bi​​​o  [new]
Mr Ghislain de Salins (France) -Bio  [Confirmed]

CWG website

CWG on Financial and Human Resources

Mr Dietmar Plesse (Germany)

Ms Seynabou Seck Cisse (Senegal) Bio [confirmed]​​ 
Ms Vernita D. Harris (United States) -  Bio  [confirmed]
Mr Mohamed Almazroei (United Arab Emirates) - Bio - [new]
Mr Manish Gupta (India) - ​Bio​  [confirmed]
Ms Minjung Park (Rep. of Korea)​ - Bio [new]​
Mr Andreiy S. Zhivov (Russian Federation) Bi​​​o [confirmed]​​ 
Mr Vilem Vesely 
(Czech Republic)
 Bio​  [confirmed]

CWG website

CWG on the use of the six official languages

Ms Monia Jaber Khalfallah  (Tunisia)

Mr Paul Najarian (USA) Bi​​​o​   [confirmed]
​Ms Sameera Belal
(Kuwait) -
Bio ​  [confirmed]
Mr Cai Guolei (China) - Bio  [confirmed]
Mr Vladimir Minkin (Russian Federation)  [confirmed]
Ms Blanca Gonzalez (Spain) -  Bio  [confirmed]
Mr Frédéric Paruta (France) - Bio  [confirmed]

CWG website

Expert Group on Decision 482

Mr Nikolay Varlamov (Russian Federation)

Mr Andrew Feltman (USA) Bi​​​o​   [new]
Mr Mustapha Mousse ​(Egypt)  ​[new]​ 
Mr ​Yuansheng Xie (China) - Bio  [new]​
Mr Rizat Nurshabekov (Kazakhstan​​)  - Bi​​​o  ​ [new]​  

Expert group website

Expert Group on ITRs

Mr Lwando Bbuku (Zambia) [new]

Vice-chairs: ​
Mr Guy-Michel Kouakou (Côte d'Ivoire) -Bio [new]
Mr Santiago Reyes-Borda (Canada) -Bio [new]
Mr Ahmad Al-Rajehi (Egypt) [new]
Mr Xiping Huang (China) [new]​
Ms Archana Goyal Gulati (India)​​​ - Bio [new]​
Mr Aleksei Sergeevich Borodin (Russian Federation) [new]
Mr Simon van Merkom (Netherlands) - Bio [new]

CWG website (not yet available)

Informal Expert Group on WTPF

Mr Fabio Bigi (Italy) - Bio [new]

CWG website (not yet available)