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Council Working Group on the use of the six official languages of the Union


The Council Working Group on the use of the six official languages of the Union (CWG-LANG) was established by Resolution 1238 adopted by the 2005 session of the Council.

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference of CWG-LANG are to oversee the implementation of Resolution 154 (Rev. Bucharest, 2022) of the Plenipotentiary Conference, on the use of the six languages of the Union on an equal footing

Meetings and documents

Fourteenth meeting, Tuesday 23 January 2024
Room C, 1430-1730 hours
- Invitation letter CL-23/47​
- Registration (Open to Member States only)
- Draft agenda​
- Contributions/documents
- Information documents (INF)​
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-Final list of participants (TIES protected)​​
Webcast live / archives​ (TIES protected, for Admin Member States only​)

The Thirteenth meeting was held on 9 October 2023 (Afternoon)
- Contributions/documents​
Webcast archives​ (TIES protected)​​

Working methods

​In accordance with Council Resolution 1238, CWG-LANG:

1)            is open to all Member States, in particular those representative of and reflecting the six official languages of the Union;

2)            conducts its work mainly by correspondence;

3)            prepares a report for consideration by the Member States and the Council  and for transmission to the Plenipotentiary Conference, as appropriate.

Contributions should be submitted to with copy to