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PP Resolution 146 (Rev. Bucharest, 2022) instructs the Secretary-General:
1  to reconvene an EG‑ITR, open to the ITU Member States and Sector Members, with terms of reference and working methods established by the ITU Council
2  to submit the report of EG‑ITR on the outcome of the review to the Council for consideration, publication and subsequent submission to the 2026 plenipotentiary conference

The 2023 Session of ITU Council modified Resolution 1379​: Expert Group on the International Tel​ecommunication Regulations (EG-ITRs).​


PP Resolution 146 (Rev. Bucharest, 2022)​  instructs​ the Council to review and revise, at its 2023 session, the terms of reference for EG-ITR. Therefore, at its 2023 session (11-21 July 2023), the ITU Council approved the following Terms of reference:

1         On the basis of contributions submitted by Member States, Sector Members and inputs from the Directors of the Bureaux if necessary, the EG-ITRs shall continue to review the ITRs.

2         Taking into consideration the work of the previous two Expert Groups, the review may consider, among others:
​a)       new trends in telecommunications/ICT and emerging issues in international telecommunications/ICT environment which may impact the ITRs,
b)       empirical data on the current use of the ITRs by operating agencies and/or administrations and the proportion of global telecommunication services which now rely on the ITRs, and
c)        the relevance of the ITRs which “consist of high-level guiding principles" in the current telecommunication/ICT environment.

3         The EG-ITRs will present a progress report reflecting all views on the ITRs review to Council 2024 and Council 2025, and a final report to Council 2026 for examination and submission to the 2026 Plenipotentiary Conference with the Council's comments.


​Second meeting: Monday, 29 to Tuesday 30 January 2024
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