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Council Expert Group on Decision 482



​At its 2018 session, the Council approved modifications to Decision 482 related to cost recovery for satellite network filings and decide to create an Expert Group on Decision 482. This Expert Group report to the 2019 session of the Council.


​1. To further examine Procedures B and C described in Document C18/36, while taking into account considerations contained in Documents C18/36 (Addendum 1), C18/75, C18/83 and C18/90 as well as contributions submitted to its meetings.

2. To focus its examination of Procedure B on the cases of complex non-GSO satellite filings and to prepare a report containing recommendations about the possible revision of Decision 482 with regard to complex non-GSO satellite filings for submission to the 2019 ITU Council for action.

3. Once studies of complex non-GSO satellite filings have been completed, and subject to the BR providing information to this Council Expert Group that support the need to take action, to consider whether the approach of Procedure B should also be applicable to the cases of exceptionally complex GSO satellite filings (i.e. filings that require a very significant amount of additional time and resources to process). The results of the studies on these GSO filings should be reported to the 2019 ITU Council in a separate report, for action as appropriate.

4. The Council Expert Group on Decision 482 is open to all Member States and Sector Members of ITU and will work in the English language. It should hold physical meetings in conjunction with those of ITU-R Working Party 4A, when possible.