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TIES Services

1. What is TIES?

TIES (Telecommunication Information Exchange Service) is a set of networked information resources and services offered by ITU without any charge to ITU Members (Member States, Sector Members, Associates, and Academia) to support their participation in the activities of the Union.

2. How do I register for a TIES account?

TIES is available without any charge to ITU Members (Member States, ITU Sector Members, Associates and Academia)

If you qualify for a TIES account, please complete the TIES Online Registration form.

3. What ITU-T documents can I access using my TIES account?

TIES membership allows you, through the Internet, access to ITU-T information resources including TIES restricted Study Group documents (Contributions, Temporary Documents and Reports).

You will also be able to access to the documents in the Study Groups' Informal FTP areas. These documents include Contributions, Temporary Documents, Liaison Statements, Working Documents and other documents. Please see Study Groups' Informal FTP areas for more information.

4. I do not remember my TIES password. What should I do?

You can send a request to retrieve your password.

5. How can I modify the information on my TIES account (password, email forwarding, etc.)?

A TIES registered user may change user information, such as email address, password, and manage his TIES account such as re-direct his e-mail by going to

Note: Changes in the company or organization name must be sent to the TIES Registration Service at since modifications on the company name are not possible from the Web.

6. How do I subscribe to the TIES Email Notification System?

After having obtained a TIES account, users can subscribe to the E-mail Notification System which will inform them each time a document is posted on the ITU-T Website and is thus available for download.

7. Where can I find more information about TIES?

More information is available in the TIES home page. See also the TIES Frequently Asked Questions page.