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Meeting Document File Names

​Meeting Document File Naming Convention

We have two kinds of meeting document naming related to the document type.

IF it’s related to a Temporary Document

<Sector><StudyPeriod>-<StudyGroup>-<MeetingName>-<DocType>-<SubGroup>-<DocumentNumber>!<md_part>! <Format>-<Language>


<Sector><StudyPeriod>-<StudyGroup>-<MeetingName>-<DocumentNumber>!<md_part>! <Format>-<Language>

S14-PP14-C-0015!!MSW-E : Word 2013 version of Contribution 15 in English related to PP-14


ITU has three main areas of activity organized in <Sectors> which work through conferences and meetings. 

Study Period

ITU Sectors are working on a 4 year basis, we use a two digit number related to the starting year of the new study period

Study Group

This is the name of the group it can only contain letters, numbers and dot “.”

Meeting Name

Is a six digit number with YYMMDD
It’s related to the first day of conference or meeting for instance “151102” means the November 2nd 2015


here is the list of the main Document types used at the ITU

Sub Group

Is only used by ITU-T Temporary Document, it can have one of these value

Document Number

This is a four digit number


To describe our suffix we use abbreviations we can have many under the same document, in that case we use dash “-” between them we read them from the right to the left


This is related to the format of the electronic version


The language of the document